Alcohol And Sexual Performance

It is usually said that there is a relationship between alcohol and sexual performance but this is quite tricky. In bible it is said that alcohol is like a love potion. It is said that it makes people horny and make them ready for the action. It is a stimulant which makes people sexually active. It generally opens us to sexual activities but can also lead us to some dangerous situations or acts.

Alcohol helps some people and makes them relaxed, enjoy and socialize. But there are some people who mix alcohol and sex or sexual activities. And this can impact the sexual activity. Many people take alcohol at the time of sex because it reduces their anxiety and make them more confident and relaxed. They think that this will make them have a good time with their partners. 

One or two drinks are quite beneficial for them but when take too much or when they are over drunk, this will have an adverse effect on the sexual performance and may also left both the persons unsatisfied. Some studies have shown that it makes women feel more aroused and they are able to reach their orgasm more easily. 

Some studies say that taking one or two glasses of red wine everyday is good for your heart and is also good for hypertensive people also by lowering the blood pressure in them. This in turn gives a good flow to the genitals and hence makes the sexual activity and functioning good. It usually takes 20 minutes for the alcohol to start its effects and almost one hour to completely settle down in your body.

Effects Of Alcohol In Female

Alcohol can have a range of effects on the sexual life and activities of the females. It is said that taking one or two drinks may increase the desire for sex in females but is not sure that it will. It basically increases the testosterone hormone which is a male hormone. This hormone is plays a role in the sexual desire in female. This may be a factor in females reporting sexual desire in them. One thing may be others and ours expectation that drinking should make you feel sexier and more self confident. It is something like a self fulfilling prospect or a self fulfilling theory.  If you feel lucky from inside then only you will be lucky.

They may also have an increase of decrease in the desire for sex. Some studies say that it does increase but that does not make it sure that they are going to be into it. studies also show that booze make them feel they are more horny but when there is an increase in alcohol taken then it may have an adverse effect on their physiological mechanism and it may also decrease the response of the genitals.

When you take too many drinks you may also have orgasmic dysfunction which may affect the way you normally have an orgasm. This totally means that you may take longer time to get yourself an orgasm or you may not get any orgasm at all. 

It also makes you harder to get wet. When the person is aroused the blood flow toward the genitals increase. The genitals swell and they release a lubricant and make them self lubricated. When you drink too much these responses by your body may stop on their own. And this in turn may make you less wet and increases the friction and discomfort for you at the time of the sexual activity.

Effects Of Alcohol On Males

In males it is difficult for some to get hard when they are drunk. They say that it is a whiskey dick but not only whiskey is present; there may be other alcoholic drink also. It is also difficult for some to maintain the erection. When you drink on a regular basis you may also have the damage which is permanent in nature and they may also have the erectile dysfunction. It basically increases the blood flow to the genitals and depressed the central nervous system.

It makes it hard to ejaculate also. Some drinks may not but too many may. When you drink excessively, then it is difficult or there is delayed ejaculation. Sometimes it may take more than 30 minutes to have an orgasm. With some people it is so much difficult that they are not able to ejaculate or have an orgasm. 

Some studies have said that when you take a little bit of alcohol it can make you horny. It may increase the desire and arousal in males also like that of females. This happens only of you drink in moderation. Moderation is the key factor here.

Drinking may also put you on taking some sexual risks. It is found that both males and females are in risk taking activities when they are drunk but males are more into it. When you take one or two drinks it may make you more confident and make you explore new things. Studies have shown that the more you drink, there is an increase of your risk taking behaviors. Studies have also shown that males are more into taking the risk taking behaviors like sex without protection in the mere influence of excess of alcohol.

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