Why Maintaining Personal Hygiene is Important

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Maintaining personal hygiene is good and in the current prevailing situation, it is of prime importance. No one has ever thought that sanitiser will become part of your daily life. Before COVID 19 hit the world I guess people hardly used sanitisers.

One thing which is important to understand here is that maintaining personal hygiene is important. When the situation becomes normal and we all get relief from COVID 19 pandemic, then also the habit of maintaining hygiene should be continued.

Generally you all follow hygiene measures when you fall sick. For example if you are sick you will follow all the safety and hygiene measures to get well soon. Once you are fine you will forget about maintaining same hygiene measures. Other recent example is COVID 19 situation. You all are aware and seen the time when sanitisers were out of stock because of huge demand. The same sanitisers were available in bulk before pandemic crisis begin and nobody used them this much. So it’s common that you follow some rules with determination when you are sick and after getting cure you forget your promises. But you need to understand that personal hygiene is nothing but taking care of your body and it should be done regularly.

Here is the article about – why maintaining personal hygiene (click here) is important and what are the different ways of maintaining personal care and hygiene.

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