Why do You Feel Emotionally Numb?

emotionally numb
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You are Emotionally numb when you are out of emotions. You feel cut off from your own emotions and unable to feel them. It is quite difficult to put emotions into words. It literally means that you are unable to feel, think, and react to anything you are facing in your lives. It is not sadness or anger or confusion but a lack of emotion. It can also be symptoms of some mental condition like depression and anxiety or it may be an emotional reaction to some feelings that are unpleasant in nature.

When you are emotionally numb, you may feel unhappy and live an unhealthy life especially when you are experiencing it on a regular basis. Some signs and symptoms that are associated with emotional numbness are:

  • You feel disconnected from one’s body
  • You feel a disconnection from thoughts
  • You may have a confused sense of time
  • There is a reduced ability of sense and emotions
  • You don’t have feelings in you
  • You have a sense of difficulty when you connect with others around you.

Causes of Emotional Numbness

The cause of emotional numbness can be some trauma that has happened in your life. It can be one major result of the physical and emotional pain that you have faced. When people don’t want to get hurt again, they can detach themselves from the people around them. They basically make themselves numb from the situations and the feelings related to them.

With this, you may have temporary relief from the situations like them and similar situations like them and you may be able to move on in your life but with time this protective shield may get in between you and your relations. It will decide the way you connect with other people in your life.

A person who is experiencing the signs and symptoms of emotional numbness looks completely different from the other persons. A different person shows different feelings when they experience emotional numbness.

Some temporary causes of emotional numbness are:

  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety attacks
  • A severe form of depression
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Some news of terminal illness
  • When the person uses drugs
  • Prolonged grief
  • Having stress for a long period of time
  • Some physical, mental or emotional abuse

This feeling of numbness may also be a result of some antidepressant medicines which are taken by the person. They can be adjusted by your doctor or need to be changed. It can also be related to a disorder which is known as the depersonalization/derealization disorder. In this, the person not only feels numb but also feels disconnected from one’s own physical body.

The treatment of emotional numbness includes some medications, psychotherapy, sleep, exercise, and some changes in diet.

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