Warning Signs and Ways to Suicide Prevention?

suicide prevention
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Suicide prevention is basically looking for the signs and symptoms. If any of your family members are having suicidal thoughts or even talk to you about depressive symptoms, there is a lot you can do to prevent this. As per World Health Organization, there are nearly 1 million people who commit suicide each year. The question arises that what comes to the mind of the people who commit suicide. It is quite difficult to understand this behavior but these people are going through so much pain that they just can’t find any solution except killing themselves.

Suicide is basically killing yourself to get rid of the pain you are going through. People feel lonely and isolated; they have no one to share their feelings with. They cannot find any alternatives to this therefore they commit suicide. 

Warning Signs Of Suicide

  1. People normally talk about suicide.
  2. Search for things that can be used for suicide.
  3. Usually focus on death, suicide, and accident. 
  4. There is no future hope left.
  5. There is a feeling of self-hatred.
  6. People who are going to attempt suicide will give away the prized possessions.
  7. People say goodbye to other people.
  8. They withdraw from others.
  9. They have self-destructive behavior.
  10. They lack happiness and calm in their lives.

Ways to Suicide Prevention

Try speaking up: When someone gets some suicidal thoughts you may wonder what to say. But remember that the person who talks about suicide needs immediate help.  If someone gets suicidal thoughts, then he should go and talk to his family or friends although it is very difficult. If you think that a person is having suicidal thoughts then the better option is to go and ask the person itself. When a suicidal person talks about his feelings and thoughts, the feeling of loneliness and the negative feelings are expressed this can help him prevent suicide. 

When you are talking to a suicidal person you have to be yourself, sympathetic, listen properly and carefully, you have to offer hope to live and take the person seriously. What you don’t have to do is you don’t have to argue with the person or act in a shocking way and you don’t have to blame yourself too.

  1. Try to respond quickly: Responding quickly in that crisis is the best option to do. If your family members or friends talk with you about their feeling of suicide or death etc., the best you can do is calculate the immediate danger of the situation. Questions about the suicide plan or whether they carry some pills or something which is used to commit suicide with them. Questions about the time and intention to suicide could also be asked. 

Level of suicide: There are 4 levels of suicide. They are:

  • Low
  • Moderate
  • High
  • Severe

Please don’t leave the person alone under any circumstances.

  1. Try offering help and support: If your family members or friends feel suicidal, provide them empathetic ears. They are going through the feeling of loneliness and depression. When you will listen to them carefully and empathetically, they will feel loved and their feeling of loneliness will shoot away. Keep one thing in mind that you can just provide support to the person but cannot take him away from the thoughts. It will be purely his will and personal consent. Dealing with someone with suicidal thoughts is a very challenging task and it needs a lot of courage also. When you see your loved one having suicidal thoughts then it can also elevate some serious emotions in you. 

To help a person with suicidal thoughts you will have to take professional help and also get a follow-up for the treatment which the psychotherapist will recommend. People who face suicidal thoughts often don’t believe that their problem has a solution and they can overcome their suicidal feelings. You have to encourage positivity and a healthy lifestyle in them. This positive lifestyle also includes the amount of exercise given. There should be at least 30 minutes of exercise or walk prescribed to them. Try making a safety plan and remove all the means of suicide available around him, so that the person cannot go for such an act. 

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