Turn Weakness into Strength at Workplace of “A Sensitive You”!

weakness into strength
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A workplace is a place where people who are highly sensitive in nature fail. The workplace needs a lot of strength and power to survive. Dr. R.K. Suri, best psychologist in India says you should always turn your weakness into strength, this is the best way to be strong and happy. Researches have reported that people who are more sensitive in nature tend to focus on things more intensely and precisely and hence they are categorized as people with strength and the best performers in the organization in which they are working. If you are a sensitive person, you are adding value to your contributions.

Ways in which you can convert your weakness into strength:

  • Start having confidence in your communication skills. People who are highly sensitive in nature show weakness in the area of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability of the individual to show, recognize, and understand their emotions in a positive way. You can use your communication skills in workplace to increase productivity and performance.
  • If you need help in the management of your emotions, then you should not hesitate in taking help of psychologist. They are your best friends. A psychologist will help you to communicate your emotions in a more constructive way. Yes it true that your sensitivity may make you become a leader because you are able to encourage others very easily and motivate them to complete the given tasks on a given time. This can create blossoms in your career. Psychologists says sensitive people can communicate very easily and effectively.

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  • Try speaking if others have missed something. When you are in the middle of something and others have missed some details, you have the capacities to complete them. You don’t feel satisfied until and unless these details are fulfilled. This is another way of converting your weakness into strength. For example, you was unable to speak but when you found some details missing you managed to speak. In this way you are converting your weakness to strength as well as showing how much peculiar you are to details.
  • Start working as a team. When you find that some other people are also there who have the same sensitivity as you have, try to include them into your team and start working as a team, this will make your work easier and it will also divide the work into a group of people. With this you will be able to make complex decision also and you will be more supportive and cooperative with the other people in your team or wherever you are working. Try assembling the gift of your sensitivity to the inputs and to analyses things.
  • Start using your creativity to solve all the problems you are facing. As a sensitive person you always take care of small things around you. You may carry a notebook with you to write down every possible detail you see around you and can get ideas from it whenever you are in need of them. Sensitive people are also very creative people and are very tuned with inner world. This can provide you with innovative solutions to your problems and may provide more clarity to your tasks. This will turn your colleagues towards you for the solution of the problems they are facing.
  • Start preparing yourself for tough or stimulating situations. Sensitive people get highly stimulated in the situations where they have to give some sort of presentations and attend some sort of meetings. For this they should prepare themselves for the questions they think will be asked in the meeting. When you are going to give some interviews also, make notes of the questions you think could be asked in the interview.

As highly sensitive people, you may find yourself trapped at times especially at work. But the truth says that you are having a lot to share with your workers and teach them also. Now it’s time to see your weakness as your strength and help yourself and others also.

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