Top 5 Beaches In The World.

Top 5 Beaches In The World
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When you are planning to spend your holidays uniquely, you must consider beaches as one of your destinations. To lower your stress and lead a healthy life, vacations are necessary. People mostly plan their vacation during December global holidays, as December is a long holiday month.

There are almost thousands of beaches out there in the world, but only some of them are worth visiting. We are here with a list of the best beaches in the world.

Dune Du Pyla, France

It is just an hour’s drive from the city of Bordeaux and is amazing. Dune Du Pyla is the tallest dune in Europe and is located in La Teste de Buch near Arcachon Area. This is the leisure area, which you must explore during your holidays. Spending your vacation near this beach is nearly a dream of many. You can also enjoy activities like hiking and boating. From the higher point of this dune, you will find a view of the tip of Cap Ferret in Arcachon Bay.

Virgin Gorda, The Bath, British Virgin Islands

This beach in Virgin Gorda is the third-largest beach of the British Virgin Islands. The Bath beach covers flora-filled national parks and calm beaches. It has found its place on the list of one of the most romantic beaches in Britain. People all over the world come to visit this finest and popular beach. Nearby the community is friendly and relatively safe.

So if you are planning for a long vacation in December, check out this holiday list and,, accordingly make plans to extend your stay and enjoy its environment. This beach got its name as The Bath, because of the way it sheltered pools around the rocks full of water and it floods during the high tides. It is best known for its natural wonder and massive granite gravels.

Palm Beach, Aruba

This beach is on the northern coast of Aruba in the resort area. Palm Beach is better remembered for its calm water and extended sandy striped bars and cafeterias. This place is perfect for a vacation with family and friends, as it offers a lot of activities to do and observe. Here, you get to see the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, which has an observation tower to watch varieties of birds. Moreover, the white sand is spread all over the two miles of palm beach and this will take away your heart. Evening or early morning is the perfect time for you to have a long walk on this beach.

Playa Del Amor, Mexico

In the early 1900s, this beach area was used for military purposes and it is said that this beach was the result of the bombings. This is known as the hidden beach, as it is not visible from the outside. You can get entry through a long water tunnel that links this beach to the pacific ocean. Doesn’t this sound exciting? Yes, it is. Once you get to Mexico on this island, you will need to swim or paddle through the ocean water to reach this beach full of sand.

Bora bora, French Polynesia

This beach is the dream destination of many couples. Filled with sugar sand, cool breeze, and palms make its atmosphere more soothing and calm. When you will visit there, you will find a heavenly view and will forget all your stress. It has a luxury resort, where you can stay and enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the beach. It is considered the jewel of the South Seas. You can plan your honeymoon trip to this beach, as it is the most romantic ideal place.

These were the best 5 beaches in the world which you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

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