The Leading 16 Watch Brands to Know

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The brand name on the dial of a watch will tell you something about the watch’s history. 

It could be a signpost to a variety of intangible attributes including pride, history and prestige to a standing for high-end design and quality. 

For those who are just beginning to get involved in the world of watches, there’s plenty to absorb.

In the ideal scenario, you should build your own opinions and connections to brands through time and the experience. 

Every person has their own preferences and every watch should be evaluated by its own merits, however, you may want to know a few basic facts to the top brands when you are learning about or buying watches.

The ones listed below aren’t “the best” or the most important ones to know of, however they’re a few of the brands you must be aware with, as these are also best watches brands for businessmen

Together, they’ll provide you with an underlying foundation from to do your own research.



Undoubtedly, you already know Rolex. Suitably represented by a crown logo, Rolex is the indisputable king of high end watches, notoriously used by countless historical numbers and also modern celebrities and comes with wooden watch boxes.

New models can cost above MSRP on the secondary market and vintage Rolex is the topic of the most energetic as well as enthusiastic watch gathering.

You don’t need to understand anything regarding watches to recognize or want a Rolex. Normally, the business supports its online reputation with unsurpassable quality.


Globally, Seiko was long connected with economical but reputable “everyman” watches.

Today, the Japanese watchmaker is a global super star enjoyed for its high quality and worth, But it also equals the top Swiss high end brand names with exceptional ending up as well as cutting-edge technology specifically with its Grand Seiko spinoff brand name.

Seiko generates nearly every element in-house for its watches, which range from the low three numbers to well into 5.

3.Patek Philippe.

Alongside Rolex, Patek Philippe is commonly considered one of the most distinguished and collectible names in watches though the supposed by some collectors “holy trinity” of watchmaking traditionally consists of Patek, Vacheron Constantin, as well as Audemars Piguet.

The historical brand name is known for its extremely fine-tuned, highly complicated watches that often auction for stratospheric prices. Even brand-new, functionally basic.

4. Cartier.

Cartier is in some cases considered very first as a jewelry expert, but it’s also among one of the most crucial historical watchmakers worldwide.

The French company originated early wristwatches and remains to make some of one of the most recognizable models today.

Cartier’s usually formal style is such that you can hardly go over the brand without using words.

5. Apple.

The modern technology firm is, like it or not, a major visibility in the watch industry.

Because its intro in 2015, the Apple Watch has actually taken place to outmatch the whole Swiss watch industry in regards to units marketed.

It’s the absolute criterion for smartwatches, and has caused many users of standard watches to switch completely not least because it’s a technical wonder, however also because it was thoughtfully created based on horological principles developed over centuries.

6. Omega.

From the moon touchdowns to James Bond to its role as the Olympics’ main timekeeper, Omega has a range of noteworthy collaborations as well as watches to accompany them.

The Moonwatch alone would make the brand name a notable force, yet it’s obtained several bonafide symbols, from dive and gown watches to much more chronographs.

7. IWC.

The International Watch Firm is among several brand names that initially enter your mind when speaking of watches and also their tie-in to air travel.

IWC has numerous remarkable product yet is most recognized for its various pilot’s watch collections, which bring into play its military background.


Jaeger LeCoultre has a history of significant versions however is ideal identified for the Reverso, a watch with a distinct reversible case first presented for polo players in 1931.

Likewise informally called JLC, the company generated a variety of items from mid-tier deluxe for everyday wear to premium, complex horology as well as ultra thin watches.

 9. TAG Heuer.

A solid organization with motorsports as well as chronograph watches characterizes TAG Heuer, which was recognized merely as Heuer until 1985.

The modern brand name is the most cost effective and youth-oriented in its moms and dad business LVMH’s stable of watch manufacturers, yet it creates its own in house activities and also some higher end items as well.

Its current catalog ranges between heritage models for enthusiasts and even more contemporary watches aimed a lot more at first time purchasers.


10. Zenith.

Zenith is mainly associated with its El Primero automated chronograph activity, which today powers a comprehensive collection of both modern day and historically inspired designs.

The brand is likewise understood for pilot watches in addition to even more technological, experimental and also high end collections.


Panerai essentially does one thing, truly well, in a myriad of primarily refined variations the Italian brand makes huge, readable watches with a distinct retro army appearance.

Regardless of its pragmatic origins providing Italian navy scuba divers, the brand today is all about relatively premium watches with internal activities.

Fun truth actor Sylvester Stallone is frequently attributed for having discovered the brand name and also started its contemporary appeal.



Breitling is best recognized for chronographs and also pilot’s watches returning lots of decades.

Modern Breitling watches have actually long been defined by vibrant sizing as well as a brash army attitude, along with a focus on tough usage.

A number of the brand’s recent releases have actually concentrated on editioning vintage designs, following existing sector fads.


Tudor is possessed by Rolex and many of its watch elements are generated in the same facilities as those of Rolex watches.

The brand name supplies superb fit and coating, in house movements as well as a tempting connection to Rolex prestige for remarkably reasonable prices.

Tudor is extensively identified as offering a few of the best worth in high end watches.

14.Audemars Piguet.

Audemars Piguet is often held up as one of the most prestigious names in watchmaking, concentrating on premium, very finished in house activities as well as difficult horology.

The Swiss brand name is essentially synonymous with its Royal Oak and also offshoot collections of luxury sport watches.

15.A. Lange & Söhne.

Given that its relaunch in 1990, A. Lange & Söhne has actually shot to fame and also concern rate among the earliest and most respected Swiss watchmakers.

The brand’s passionate following is testament to the allure of its practical German technique, strong character and also refined, hand-finished information.


Though Swiss-owned given that the 1970s, Hamilton makes its American origins main to its DNA.

Hamilton has a rich background to draw on and today supplies an entry level highend watch experience (typically sub-$ 1k) with a vast array of collections as well as versions.

The brand is also recognized for its connection with Hollywood and the many films in which its watches have featured.

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