The Best 25 YouTube Fitness Accounts for The Best Workout Videos

The Best 25 YouTube Fitness Accounts for The Best Workout Videos
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It is important to stay active every day and you may not always prefer to go to a gym for the same. Nowadays, you get almost everything online and you get your fitness exercises on YouTube. These YouTube personalities have brought to you the best fitness hacks for a fit body and mindful soul. Get started with these accounts for your workout sessions and become healthy. We provide the best content on education, technology, health, home décor and other things. Besides, we provide assignment help to the students who are having a problem with their assignments. So, get our help and excel in your Australian Cheap Assignment Online Writing Services. Let’s see which are the 25 YouTube Accounts for your best Workout plans.

25 YouTube Accounts for your best Workout plans

1.      Cloe Ting: For those who are looking for a structured figure in about 20 minutes, try Cloe Ting’s workouts. The influencer has over 16 million followers and she also provides the recipes for your workout days.

2.      Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone: Looking for a perfect walking regimen, follow Leslie Sansone. She has 3 million subscribers, and she provides the best and easy-to-follow walking classes for beginners and seniors.

3.      BeFit: BeFit gives you the nostalgic workout exercise. You will love the easy-going exercise as she takes it slowly to the higher level.

4.      Zumba Class: Zumba dance is very famous as it burns your calories with the fast-paced exercise, and you can accomplish your goal by reducing your belly fat.

5.      Yoga with Adriene: If you need some stretching and squeezing your body then follow her as she offers everything from yoga for beginners to hour-long classes.

6.      MadFit: MadFit shows you how to work out without disturbing your neighbours and without any equipment. Get your abs, butt and arms done in just 10 minutes.

7.      Shape: You can shape your body with a different workout form like Chaturanga and master barbell with Jillian Michaels all the time.

8.      Blogilates: Follow Cassey Ho of Blogilates to get short, free Pilates workout videos on YouTube to target specific muscle groups or do a full body workout. She has more than 4.5 million YouTube subscribers.

9.      Jessica Smith: You can get yoga videos and strength training workouts and get a wellness coach, trainer, and instructor for your workout purpose on YouTube.

10.   Body Project: You get a lot of workouts mixed with fun and these are free classes where you start making your body from the beginner level.

11.   AfriFitness: You will feel the fun with the Africa dance when your instructor Rachael Okesola guides you through the beats of the songs.

12.   Orangetheory Fitness: They provide a workout every day to show how to do the exercises in proper form. You get 30-50 minutes workout videos every day whether it be the beginner one or the Cardio-HIIT.

13.   Pamela Reif: The most followed YouTube channel for workout on a pop music beat. You can get every level of fitness that demonstrates the moves properly.

14.   Fitness Blender: The team of husband and wife makes any couple plan for their fitness goal. With over 6 million subscribers you get the hardcore HIIT cardio routines to burn your fat from the whole body.

15.   The Fitness Marshall: Get your body moving to the music of Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and more and increase your activeness.

16.   CrossFit HQ: It helps you with at-home workout ideas to build your muscles and provide post workout protein-rich recipes.

17.   Fightmaster Yoga: A certified yoga instructor can change your lifestyle with her exercise video channel on YouTube. Build flexibility with the 38-minute routine workout.

18.   Roberta’s Fitness: The best animated fitness site which shows you a 3D model for targeted, specific workout regime that are simple and easy to learn.

19.   Evolve Functional Fitness: You get a library of 25, 45, and 65-minute no-equipment workouts that focus on building your muscles, strength, and agility. You get tutorials on different exercises like lunge, burpee, mountain climber, forearm plank and more.

20.   HASfit: Those who are targeting toning of the body should follow this YouTube channel to stick to their fitness goals.

21. If your goal is to build strength within the body, this channel provides the entire list to build your body with gym equipment. Get tips on body sculpting regimen through them.

22.   Pop Sugar Fitness: Get sessions on hip-hop Tabata dance, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, HIIT and more, if you want to try new workouts every day.

23.   Nourish Move Love: Get low impact workouts which can burn your fat and help you lose weight and if you are pregnant go through their videos.

24.   Emkfit: You get music-themed videos like 90s hits, boy bands, Hamilton, and more to make you feel like a fun dance party while working out.

25.   The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade: You will be motivated by the colourful lights and hip beats to dance along with working out which can burn your abs.


Hope these help you enough to start your workout session with them. If you have found them useful, reach us at assignment writing for more information. Also do not forget to access our assignment help on GotoAssignmentHelp to score high in your examinations.

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