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The Art of Making Things Up! Do you like to imagine stories and scenarios in your head? Something that is just out of the box and definitely has to get on paper.  Then this is the type of writing just in place for you- THE ART OF CREATIVE WRITING. It is also famous as ‘The Art of Making Things Up’. Victor Shkvolsky exclaimed in the ‘Art as a Technique’ that the purpose of art is ‘to make familiar unfamiliar

Creative Writing is a beautiful form of self- expression. It’s a piece of art meant to grab people’s attention even though it is not technical or something related to academics. This art is just born from your imagination by observing the outside world, nature. It also allows you to write something from your past memories about an event, people around you, or anything.  It is a new realm inspired by your mental meanderings.

The art of creative writing is a perfect amalgam of creative thinking and the techniques to present it in. Though there are these techniques proposed which act as a boundary in presenting still nothing can put a break to your imaginative and creative thinking. Creative writing not only gives you a creative outlet but also a therapeutic one. Psychologists strongly recommend creative writing as a way to express your feelings and thoughts in an easier and fun way.

Let’s take a quick look on the things that fall under creative writing:-

  • Novels
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • Memoirs (it is a piece of art you write by reminiscing something that has previously happened like a convocation day or a day when you were the happiest or just merely something from your memory box)
  • TV Show scripts
  • Movie scripts
  • Songs
  • Speeches

Let’s dig in more and understand the first steps to take when we do some creative writing. A few tips on how you can write creatively:-


Since everything has a story, keep brainstorming ideas on which you think you can write. Something that can be a potential story. Brainstorming can make you realize that it is so much you can write about.

Ask ‘What If’

As such questions like ‘What if I win a lottery?’, ‘What if a meteor strikes the earth?’, ‘What if I were a bird?’, ‘What if I am the last human left on earth?’ etc. And then answer those question and these answers will help you to write poems and fiction.

Write Assumptions

Write about things that you assume. Your truth can be different from the truth of others. This will give you something creative and different to write on.

Ask Question that start with ‘Why?’

Something like ‘Why did 9/11 happen?, ‘Why do people smoke/drink?’. And when you answer those questions you get content. This will also give you the freedom to do free writing.

Change Your Perspective

Did you ever think that if you stepped in someone else’s shoes how would the situation appear? If no then here’s the opportunity, step into someone’s shoes and see the situation through their eyes and write about it. You’ll get the opportunity to see other’s perspectives.

Mind Mapping

This is an amazing idea to get all your thoughts on a single piece of paper. Just write the topic you chose at the center in a circle and all the other ideas associated with the topic around it and draw lines between the idea and the topic as if they are the spokes of the wheel. You can then gather all your ideas and write.

Look for Alternatives

Sometimes we don’t realize that something we have written could also be presented in a different and better way. So look for alternatives and think that are there other ways in which this can be presented?

Also, remember in creative writing, experimentation can be done but it’s important to follow the assignment. Your writing should fall under the three creative zones:

  • Feeling (What do you feel about the subject?)
  • Thinking (This includes philosophical thinking and a logical perspective)
  • Observation (Write something in the physical sense by observing it carefully)

Do you still remember when you sat down to write but had a major block and couldn’t think of anything? The time when you just stared at the black screen for a while. But now you have a solution for it. There are few prompts enlisted below that will be very helpful while having a creative writer’s block. Something that will stretch your imagination. So here it goes-

  • Food –You can write about your favorite food or what you ate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Animals- What if you wake up as a lion or squirrel? You can write any animal that interests you or makes you curious!
  • Fears- Write about your phobias. What scares you the most? Think of a method you can overcome it with.
  • Dreams- We all see dreams. Some good some bad.  Some worth remembering. So write about them (Many great novels arise out of dreams!)

So let’s just keep all this in the account. Get your imagination power on the driving seat and commence. It’s finally time to be artistic now!

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