Steps to manage anger and outbursts during this pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has us all on our edge. We know now that it is not going away anytime soon and we need to cope with it. It has brought many changes in our lifestyle, environments, thinking, and coping mechanisms which can be very confining and difficult to adapt to for many people. It can cause temper to rise as people are restricted to their homes. With work from home routines, managing school, office and house all at the same time is becoming difficult. People can lose their temper easily and frequently in such a situation. Here are some ways to manage your anger during these tough times:

  1. The first thing one needs to understand about anger is that it is a secondary emotion. This means that there is something else that is causing you to be angry. It is very important to identify these underlying causes.
  2. Secondly, it is crucial to recognize the warning signs or ‘triggers’ of your anger. This would need a little bit of introspection. Think back to the times you expressed your anger and what preceded it. Those could be your triggers.
  3. Once you have identified your triggers, you can learn to step away from your anger triggers, count to ten before you react. These sound like clichés but they are time tested and very effective.
  4. Talking to a trusted person who’s not connected to the situation, such as a friend, family member, counselor, or peer support group. Expressing your thoughts out loud can help you understand why you’re angry and help calm you down. Write down your thoughts and feelings connected to the situation
  5. Some deep breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises are helpful in regulating one’s emotions that are below the anger. These are some of the ways in which one can regulate one’s anger. As we all know anger can destructive, not only to the ones who are expressing it but also to the ones who have to face your anger. Learning to manage it before you lose control is most prudent.

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We know it’s always difficult to adjust to change. But we have got covered for you. Here are some ways on how to adjust with changes in life. Do check them out.

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