Some Myths About OCD

Everyone thinks that people who are having OCD are very difficult to understand and keeps themselves extra neat. Almost everyone have heard of OCD that it is a mental illness and people have some obsessions and thoughts which are followed by some compulsive or repetitive behaviors. They soon become a habit and then people are forced to perform them. It is basically an anxiety disorder and may be disability for some people also. 

It is clinical disorder and is quite misunderstood also. Not only do this some people even know what the facts about OCD are, when we call it an illness. People are usually misunderstood and therefore they struggle a lot. This may affect their life, work and relationships in a negative manner.

Here are some myths about OCD:

  1. Myth no 1 is that we all have OCD, just a little bit of it but we all have: No one can be an OCD because it is a complex disorder which affects some people in a severe manner. It most often develops in the early adulthood. It also makes the daily living very difficult. It seriously means that if you reach your office and wants your desk to be clean and tidy before work than you don’t have an OCD.
  2. Myth no 2 is that they are neat freaks: It is said that people with OCD are just neat freaks and just love the tidiness, it’s just a fixation. Yes, cleanliness can be always on their mind but it is much more than that. The seriousness may be to such an extent that they may think the people who live with them or the people who are near to them will can them or make them drink poison etc.
  3. Myth no 3 is that people with OCD constantly wash their hand: Well this is not true. The truth is that they have compulsions relating to things but they don’t wash their hands repetitively. They usually repeat an action which is their compulsion. Therefore, washing hands often is their compulsion. Some other compulsion may be cleaning etc.
  4. Myth no 4 is that they need to be relaxed and everything will be fixated: People who have OCD cannot be at ease and is always anxious. Not only this are the unpleasant thoughts always on their mind. When left untreated they can be more distressing for them. They can also affect their relationships at home and at work.