Signs And Causes Of School Phobia

Parenting is quite challenging as the parents have to take care of child’s physical aspects like diet etc and mental aspects together. Parents should maintain a balance between the approaches like love and pampering so that they may have a good impact on their mental well being. The first problem children face because of this is usually at their schools. This term is resembled as school refusal and is quite common among school going children. When children face these issues, tackling such issues may be difficult but it is not totally impossible for child psychologists.

It is the first responsibility of the parents to analyze such problems and understand the behavior followed by the problems. And then correct the behavior so that the child may go to school in a comfortable way.

School Refusal Syndrome

School refusal syndrome is when the child usually refuses to go to school because of some or the other reasons. It may be because of some or the other fear also. They may also have school avoidance disorder in which the child shows that there is some physical sickness or sadness when they are asked to go to the school. Because of this the child may prefer to be at home and doing some or the other kind of activities but he doesn’t want to go to the school.

Causes Of School Phobia

The causes of school phobia may be many but they should be seen from the child’s perspective. Some common causes are:

  1. They are anxious that they may be evaluated: They may think that they may be evaluated at school. School is a place where every child’s capabilities and capacities are evaluated and they are put on the display in front of everyone. If a child refused to go to school on some certain days like public speaking etc where they may feel pressurized to perform, they may feel anxious and therefore don’t want to go to the school.
  2. There may be separation anxiety: Small babies do face this separation anxiety. But when they become kids, then also they may face this sometimes. Because at home they are getting unconditional love and care. They may think that they will not get that kind of love in the school and may start avoiding that.
  3. There may be some academic issues: Small children usually have the learning difficulties and when they are pressurized at school because of that they may face anxiety of going to the school. They may also avoid it altogether.
  4. There may be issues with the peer: When children go to the school, they may face peer pressure or they may have some bullying at school or conflicts with friends, they may avoid school altogether.
  5. Some traumatic events: The traumatic events like separation from the family or the death of the loved ones can affect the child and he may avoid school.

Symptoms Of School Phobia

  1. Child may cry when asked to go to school.
  2. They may have tantrums.
  3. They may complain about some physical illness like stomach aches and dizziness, when asked to get ready for the school.
  4. There is a difficulty of going to the school after a long vacation etc.
  5. Child may be absent to the school and may go to some other places to roam.
  6. The child may be absent may be in different periods and there ,ay be no particular explanations behind them.
  7. They may arrive late to school.
  8. The child may visit regularly to the sick corner of the school.