Self-Criticism and Tips to Improve Habit of Self-Criticism

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Self-reflection is quite better and makes you better but to a limit. If it goes beyond the limit it can harm your self-image and can lead to self-criticism which is quite dangerous for your personality. People are criticizing themselves for a very long period of time. Does that work? The answer to this simple question is ‘no’. In fact, the truth is self-approval works. Try to approve yourself every day and see the miracle that happens.

You face a hard time in life sometimes and you may criticize yourself for your failure or bad time. You should notice for a few days how you behave with yourself. Then you will know that you were quite rude to yourself. You have made such uncompromising expectations to yourself that are never met.

Self-criticism is basically negative in nature and it can affect your mental as well as physical health. The more you criticize yourself, the more you mentally downcast yourself and the more anxious and depressive you will become. You may face conditions like a lot of fatigue, insomnia, decreased tolerance to pain, heart diseases and headaches etc. Researchers have said that people who are having self critical behavior are already having some mental issue and there are some mental issues that make you self critical.

People who self criticize themselves are more sad and ashamed of themselves. It will make you less confident in yourself. People who are more confident in themselves are happier than the people who are self-critical. Self-criticism is good to some extent but when the boundaries are crossed then it will lead to negativity in your life.

People criticize themselves by self-blaming themselves, saying that they are useless, or why they exist in this world. This is a way you are insulting yourself and you should not insult yourself at any cost. When you insult yourself, you are leaving scars. These scars will always remind you of the trauma you had and the pain you had. It will also fill you with the feeling of guilt.

When you get tired of the war you are doing with yourself, try some tips to stop self-criticism. They are:

  1. Start changing your mindset: Changing your mindset like the way you behave with yourself and speak with yourself works very well. Try thinking about positives instead of negative like if you think that ‘no one likes me’, instead of this just think of the people who like to see you, smile at you, and enjoy your company.
  2. Try mindfulness: Mindfulness helps you by making you more aware of your thoughts about yourself in every situation and you will be able to correct yourself for the insults that you are giving to yourselves. By this, you can replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.
  3. Talk to yourself in a loving manner like you would to the person you love and want to encourage: Don’t talk to yourself in a harsh tone. It will give you a hard time. Start loving yourself like you do to others and start encouraging yourself as you would encourage your friends and family.
  4. Start seeing yourself from others’ point of view: When you see yourself from the point of view of others then you are more positive about yourself. You think that no one likes you or no one loves you but this is not the case. Start yourself imagining the way your loved one love you and you will start respecting yourself and you will start valuing yourself.

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