Redefining Log Kya Kahenge

Log Kya Kehenge
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“Log Kya Kahenge” I am sure we all must have heard our elders saying this term and some using it very often. For thousands of centuries, our culture is assigning the roles to men and women in society and when someone decides to step out of that stereotypical roles and follow their passion, they often have to hear such words “Log Kya Kahenge”.

Sometimes I fail to understand what is it about these people and who are these people who are so much interested in others’ life and what pleasure do they get demotivating someone and robbing them of their dreams. So many people, be it men or women had to back off from their dreams just because of a bunch of people who can’t seem to stop themselves from judging others. Not just the dreams, children are restricted in doing those activities that do not fit in their gender roles.

For so long we have heard pink is for girls, blue is for boys, or boys are given toys like guns, cars, etc but girls are given toys like a kitchen set, barbies, etc. It’s like from childhood only we are teaching children their roles and when they try to do something out of the box, the saying is back “Log Kya Kahenge”.

But the point is till when are we going to hold back our dreams just because of thought what will people say. Its high time we realize that no one but we have control over our lives and if we want to be happy we need to follow out true passion.

In this world, people do not let go of a single chance of judging others. Whatever you are going to do, they will be still judging you. But till when fearing about their judgments you will stop yourself from following your passion.

There are certain things in which we see a little change coming, people are coming out of their old notions and following their path. Now we see people are redefining those stereotypical gender roles that were assigned to them and moving out without thinking Log Kya Kahenge.

Today we see some successful women entrepreneurs, even in many countries the leader is women. They are setting a different example for the whole world. It was used to say the kitchen work is only for women but now men have also redefined that role, some successful and famous chefs are men.

So the main point is people are coming out of their shells and following their passions and this is the need of the hour because its high time to say those people who keep poking their nose in our life, that if they have so much interest in our lives they can keep having that interest, we are doing the things that we love without caring what they think about us and they can judge us as much as they want but they can’t stop us from following our dreams.

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