How to recover a Gmail account without an Email and phone number

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As we are humans we used to forget important stuff, even the password of important accounts. If you have given access to your mobile number or an alternate email account, then even if you have forgotten your email account password you can still recover it back. But what if you haven’t added such details to ‘recover Gmail without phone number’ or email account?

If you are in the same situation we are here to suggest amazing tricks and techniques to get back your lost Gmail account.

Recovery process:

Usually, the recovery process is very simple, in case if the phone number or an alternate email address has been added to your Gmail account, then with the help of that, we can get back the lost account. A link will be sent either to the phone number or email address so that you can easily reset your password.

If you do not know the process of recovering using your alternate email address or mobile number, we will guide you for the same. You can check out the steps that are given at the bottom of this reading.

Recover account without phone number or email address:

To Recover Gmail without email or phone, follow each step that are given below:

Step 1: First you will have to go to the Gmail recovery page, then type your email address and click on the Next button.

Step 2: Then enter the last password that you used/remember; click another method option to try using another method.

Step 3: When the security questions option pop-up on your screen click on it. While you are creating your Gmail account, a security question will be asked. This is the main reason, they say not to skip this security question option because when you think there is no way to recover your account, answering correctly to this security question will change the complete scenario.  

Step 4: When you have created your Gmail, this question also will be asked. If you answer both steps correctly even without a phone number or alternate email you can recover.

Step 5: Now you can set a new password, do not forget this time. Ensure to add an alternate email or phone number to avoid such difficulties if the same thing happens in the future. 

Recover using a phone number:

Step 1: Go straight to the Gmail recovery page, type your email address and click on to the next button.

Step 2: Next you will be directed to the password page where you will have to click on try another method option.

Step 3: Then you will have to enter your phone number, then click on the option send the message.

Step 4: Keep an eye on your text messages, check out the incoming messages after clicking on this option.

Step 5: Enter the verification code that was sent and click on the Next button. Finally, you will be able to set the new password that you desire.

Recover using a recovery email:

Step 1: Open the Gmail recovery page and then in the required field type your email address, then click on the next option.

Step 2: Now the page will appear for you to enter your password. Since you have forgotten your password, click on the try another method option.

Step 3: When an option to try using the recovery email address appears, click on that option.

Step 4: Then in the next page, enter your recovery email address in the required box, then click on the next button to move forward to the further steps.

Step 5: After that to the recovery email account a mail will be sent with either a code or link. Click on it to reset the Gmail password that you desire.

A small tip that every email account user must know:

Even after entering the correct email address and password, if your account is still not logging you means, then there is a high chance that your account has been hacked. 

If you are assured that you haven’t changed your password and it mentions that you have changed the password recently, then note that you’re hacked. To Recover, hacked gmail account, you can change the password using any of the methods given above. 

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