COVID 19 problem managment
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With the passing of time, the new pandemic called COVID 19 has led us to deal with various psychological issues and has created obstacles to manage the same.  Every year the month of May is dedicated to raising awareness about mental illnesses and psychological disorders, which is stated as the National Mental Health Awareness month. During this month our goal is to combat stigma, provide support, educate the public, foster research, and advocate for policies that support mentally ill people and their families. With respect to the time of this pandemic psychological issues have become more prominent among us. One in every five people suffers a mental disorder throughout their lives, everybody faces their life battles which may affect their mental health. As we observed this year’s Mental Health Month, we witnessed some of the major and general psychological issues, which in turn were new to some of us. Due to COVID 19, these psychological issues created barriers to our management skills. 

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The recent formulated research gave us evidence that during COVID 19 most of the population around the world suffered from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, etc. With these disorders, the major concern of the people was the disbalance created by the pandemic. Due to which people were stuck mentally and physically. The decline in the quality of the lifestyle was caused due to sleeplessness, work-related anxiety, the uncertainty of the present and the future, unavoidable financial issues, and depression caused by the loss of the loved ones. These psychological issues have unfortunately failed to correspond with our ability to manage our stress in daily lives. The changes in our daily lifestyle due to COVID 19 have forced us to change our ways of living a satisfying life. With respect to these changes, even our management skills have taken a new role to guide us towards managing these psychological issues. 

COVID 19 has been stated as a human transmitted virus which forced the population of the world to stay inside their homes, initially, this caused panic among all of us ( panic towards the declining economic status of an individual or a country as a whole, panic among the school and college students who were staying away from their homes, panic among the daily wage laborers and panic among the doctors and the medical staff to handle a sudden human transmission of the virus).  Along with the panic situation, people have experienced extreme trauma (trauma related to the loss of their loved ones) and people being a part of chaotic situations within the hospital settings were scared of catching the virus at the same time. 

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Concerning the above scenario, people with psychological issues during this pandemic have been suggested to change their ways of managing the same. Some of the major management skills over a psychological issue are taking care of your health, sleeping on time, eating healthy, keeping yourself connected with your loved ones, exercising, writing down your thoughts, taking an appropriate number of breaks during work from home, keeping yourself entertained. Coming up with new hobbies, identifying your new goals (career or family-related goals), reach out to professional help if needed, letting your loved ones know if you are feeling anxious, lonely and disturbed. Quitting your old unhealthy habits and keeping yourself intact with the updated information about the world or the pandemic (restricting yourself from the repetitive negative information). Therefore by implementing these management skills individual suffering from a psychological illness during this pandemic will be able to reflect and accept the drastic changes around himself/herself and the world. 

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