Online taxi app for smart devices

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No one could ever imagine that booking car will be as simple by just tapping the mobile screen. Rise of taxi industry bottom-up as Uber launched. The influence of Uber was much strong that the taxi industry could not compete against it. All taxi drivers who were driving the cars on the roads part-time feel the mania of uber and tried to join.

Decades ago getting a car at your doorstep is just a dream. Passenger has to wait outside on the extreme weather to get Taxi. Uber is the pioneer of taxi Service Booking applications and it’s very famous nowadays. After witnessing the popularity of Uber many other stockholders decide to expand Cab Booking apps like uber. Basically, the features of online taxi applications are almost the same. But still have some distinguished functions. These applications are enjoying the limelight in the business of taxis. With the vivint smart home you will be able to remotely control any of the features from your system

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•           Uber:

According to statistics Uber shares, almost 37.2% amounts with the global market. Uber application is downloadable on both android and iOS. The preeminent change that attracts the customer is to use this service whenever they want to. Passenger is able to book the ride at any time and at anywhere.  Uber is stuffed with multiple features like ride scheduling, cab booking, luxury and simple car, trip sharing payment options, carpooling.

•           Ola:

This taxi application can also be downloaded on iOS and android. This application has an interesting feature like Ola Playing, passenger can shuffle their playlist and enjoy the ride by watching the movie. Ola has a premium version, which has many benefits like no wait tie and other in busy hours, no peak price, and many. This application also offers the service of free WiFi options. Olacab click has safety features such as an emergency click alert button. This application gives the opportunity to book a ride even from the laptop. This service is available in New Zealand, United Kingdom, and India.

•           Lyft:

The idea of launching this application was quite simple, sharing rides with the minimum amount. This application gets partnership with other rental cars company Sixt to grant cars to users for rent using Rental Car Tabs in the application. According to statistics, Lyfts share is 29 % in the US market. Lyft has the option of requesting emergency assistance in the case of an emergency.

•           Didi:

Didi is the leading online taxi application after Uber. According to statistics, it shares almost 32.4 %with the market.  Didi app is downloadable on Google Play Store and Apple store. This application has features like International Debit/Credit card support, address recognition for bilinguals, Auto translator, and 24/7 customer support. This service is available in Japan, Australia, China, and some cities of Latin America.

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