Nigersaurus – Dinosaur with 500 Teeth

Dinosaur with 500 Teeth
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There is a joke prevailing in the social media ‘which dinosaur had 500 teeth?’ People are searching throughout the search engines to answer the question, what is the dinosaur with 500 teeth called? The answer they get is the Nigersaurus.

But a warning against this search was issued in 2019, as this search becomes a meme and joke. It was started to get viral on social media. A Reddit user was removed and uploaded not to search about a dinosaur with 500 teeth.

After this incident, many jokes were made on not to google about a dinosaur with 500 teeth.

But here, we will discuss in detail the Nigersaurus, a dinosaur with 500 teeth.

Meaning of Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus means “Niger’s Lizard” or “Niger’s Reptile.” It was one of the ancient dinosaur kinds that were found in the world. They were 30 feet tall and plant-consuming dinosaurs. This dinosaur with 500 teeth was the family of Diplodocus-type sauropod dinosaur. It was seen during the Aptian or Albian time, which was nearly 119 to 105 million years before the Cretaceous age.

Where were Nigersaurus found?

Nigersaurus, the dinosaur with a maximum number of teeth, was explored in the Elrhaz Formation’s heavy fossil creature fauna in the Gadoufaoua region of the Niger Republic. Nigersaurus’ fossils were illustrated in 1976, but the name was given after 1999 when the complete fossils were explored and presented.

Nigersaurus Skull

The skull of this 500 teeth dinosaur had four-side openings and tiny bones. It was excessively fed expert. It was a colossal mouth dinosaur with 500 teeth, and the exciting thing was they were renewed every fourteen days. The jaw of it might have a case that was nearly like a broad beak. The dinosaur with 500 teeth was the one and only tetrapod species whose jaws are more expansive than their skull, and their teeth laterally extended across the front part. Their upper teeth were nearly 20 to 30% longer than the teeth in the lower sheath.

They had a column with nine teeth for replacement under every functioning tooth in the jaw. There were sixty-eight columns in the upper part and sixty in the lower part, and their dental section was made of a total of 500 teeth (functioning and for replacement).

The teeth enamel of this 500 teeth dino didn’t have any symmetry. The outside-facing teeth were at least ten times thicker than the inside teeth.

This dino with 500 teeth had a small quadruped head, fat hind legs, and an apparent tail. But their body was not so massive in comparison. It was only 30 ft (9m), with a ham of 3 ft 3 inches (1m).

Size of Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus, the dinosaur with 500 teeth, was only 30 feet long, and its weight was 4 tons, like an elephant of recent time. It was a little-necked dinosaur with 13 cervical species. Their neck was a maximum of 10 meters long. Rebbachisaurus was the only member that achieved the size of longer sauropods.

Interesting facts about Nigersaurus

Here are some interesting facts about the dinosaur with 500 teeth:

  • The meaning of Nigersaurus is “Niger Lizard,” and it was found in Niger, Africa.
  • Nigersaurus was a plant-eater Sauropod.
  • It was also famous as a “Mesozoic Cow.” Their teeth were formed to eat plants at field level.
  • Unlike other Sauropods, Nigersaurus had short necks. Sauropods generally had long necks, but this creature was something different.
  • The head of this dinosaur with 500 teeth was not heavy relatively. Their bones are thin and nearly transparent.
  • It was difficult for the scientists to explain Nigersaurus. This creature was named in 1976, but scientists couldn’t understand its structure and its reason until 2000.
  • This 500 teeth dinosaur was a part of the Saurischia family. It means that they were not closely associated with lizards but only shared some similarities in pelvic bone structure.
  • The 500 teeth dinosaur were existed before 119 million years on this earth, in Cretaceous time.
  • The teeth of this dinosaur were scarce to find. It was wide and could intake a vast amount together. It chewed the food by using their 100 tiny and sharp teeth.
  • The fossils of this dinosaur’s babies were also explored. They were so small that paleontologists described their size by saying that they could be placed on top of a silver dollar.
  • This dinosaur with 500 teeth didn’t have a strong olfactory sense. The tiny particles that helped to sense the brain about smell were microscopic.

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