Merits and Demerits of Going To Bed Angry

going to bed angry
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It is said that going to bed angry may harm your health. When you have a fight with your partner, you should not go to bed angry. You should resolve all the conflicts before going to the bed. The idea behind it is that when you are angry and go to bed without resolving conflicts with your partner, you may be ignoring the needs and emotions of your partner. You should not pretend that going to sleep after a fight may solve the problem the next morning when you wake up from your sleep. If you do this continuously, this may build bitterness in your relationship overtime or may make your relationship sour in nature.

When you go to bed without resolving a fight with each other, the problems may even get worsen and may make your relationship sour. But some people also say that when you are angry, you should go to bed and sleep so that things get better.

Researchers have also said that if you are deprived of sleep from the past days, you are more likely to be in conflict with each other as compared to the past days. They have explained that when one partner had slept poorly the last night before the fight, he or she may not be able to understand the feelings of the other partner and therefore the conflict may get deeper into the shell. And in that case, it may be harder for both of you to solve the issue early, which may result in resentment.

Merits of going to bed angry

It will make your brain to function properly

When you are having a sleepy brain, it cannot function properly. It will be then called a half functioning brain and one cannot function properly with a half functioning brain. When you also fight with your brain which is not working properly, you may not be objective in your thinking also. When you are tired, try getting good sleep and then talk the next day again with your partner. In this case, you will be more rational and will be having a much better point of view.

It is said that sleep heals

When you have completed your sleep, there is a change in the argument. The point of view can be changed after getting even a small amount of sleep. You may be able to think more clearly and it may help you work through things. You may wake up with a better understanding of the situation the next day or even a solution to the problem.

It may work against the stress

When you know that your partner has come from a long working day with a lot of meetings and have to do the same thing the next day also, the fatigue is more. And because of this fatigue, the stress is more. When the person is stressed, the arguments will only increase and that too more quickly. When you are staying awake till the resolution of the fight, exhaustion is more the next following day.

When it’s better to have the intervention of a Therapist

It’s better to go to sleep when you are not able to resolve your conflict. If you find daily conflicts, arguments, and fights in your relationship than it is better you discuss with your partner for the intervention of the counselor.

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Demerits of going to bed angry

The next day may start roughly

When you sleep at night with anger rolling down your brains, your next day may be ruined. You may wake up in a different manner. You can’t concentrate anywhere. Researches had said that when you sleep angry, you wake up angry as well. It may also degrade your quality of sleep.

It will increase your problem

It may make your problem to grow. When you are angry for a long period of time, it will have a negative impact on your thoughts. And this may make the problem worse.

Anger does not go away

If you are sleeping with anger chances are you will wake up with the same anger because it has not gone away. This may ruin your day. Anger is not resolving and as a result keeps on increasing. Holding on to feelings may make them explode.

Sleeping well is not easy

When you hold on to anger while sleeping, your sleep gets disturbed. You just keep lying in bed and think about the whole situation, this will make your sleep worse. Good sleep is important for your physical and mental health, which is not possible when you are angry.

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