Know About Seojun and How Does He Maintains His Beauty & Body?

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The Korean Drama True Beauty is one of the most popular shows worldwide that has brought immense fame to the lead actor Hwang In Yeop. Hwang is popular amongst his fans by the name Seojun. Both the drama and the lead actor have millions of followers who never miss out on this young actor.

Hwang has a combination of charismatic looks and an attractive body. If you are willing to find out more about this actor, you should go through this write-up. It will enlighten you about Han Seojun and how he maintains his innocent good-boy looks and perfect body at this age. We have covered most about true beauty seojun.

About Han Seojun

True Beauty character Han Seojun is known by the name Hwang In Yeop in real life. He was born on 19th January 1991 in Seoul, which makes him 30-years old now. Hwang is a popular Korean actor who has won the hearts of millions of viewers with his charming looks and flawless acting skills. His character seojun is very famous.

The actor made his acting debut through the television series Jang Doon Yoon which was followed by the Tale of Nokdu. However, his popularity touched the sky with the Korean drama True Beauty, where he portrays the role of Han Seojun. He is a rising star who has made a solid mark in showbiz with this web series.

Seojun is a young boy who is tall and has broad shoulders. He is a model who needs to maintain his body perfectly to qualify all the beauty standards set by various modeling agencies. Seojun is very thin and has straight black hair with bangs that adorn his forehead beautifully. The character has fair skin and all other features required for owning the handsome tag.

People who watch the series know how compassionate Seojun is towards the people he loves. However, he is quite rude to those who he is not fond of. Seojun is often compared to coconut, that is, tough outside but soft inside. He is very sensitive and cannot express his emotions freely. Seojun hails from a poor family, which has created several complexities in his character.

Seojun was an idol trainee with Seyeon, who he met in his middle school. He had a huge debt on him due to his father’s illness and later death. This compelled him to work as a part-time model to pay off the financial debt. The character of Seojun has numerous shades that were portrayed exceptionally by Hwang In Yeop.

How does Seojun maintain his Body and Charming Looks?

Hwang has natural good looks that helped him bag the role of Seojun in True Beauty. He is tall, thin, fair, and has mono eyelids. However, as the character Seojun is a model in the drama, he needs to pay special attention to his looks and body.

Seojun is milky white, but he wears makeup on several occasions to enhance his beauty. He uses a BB cream that accentuates his features and defines them better. Besides, he also applies a lip tint to achieve those cherry pink lips that steal away girls’ hearts. He emphasizes his clothes a lot and ensures to look fashionable all the time.

The character wears a lot of accessories that complement his clothes and fashion taste. He has black hair, which he takes extra care to look more attractive onscreen. Seojun has bangs that fall on his forehead and sweep across from right to left.

In an interview, Hwang revealed his beauty secrets giving the entire credit to his genes and sunscreens. He said applying sunscreen always did him a lot of good things. Besides, he also works hard on his body and tries to maintain it in the best shape to look younger than his age.

Seojun is a character in the 20s, whereas Hwang has already turned thirty. Therefore, it is evitable that hard work and strong determination is the key to the immense popularity of the actor in the web series True Beauty.


If you idolize Seojun, you should start following the strict routine Hwang In Yeop follows. This article will give you a brief idea about how this actor maintains his looks and body and manages to look much younger than his age.

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