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With the changing technology, IT personnel are now inclined towards learning a new skill and their certification. As a result, the market is flooded with various vendors and certifications. But the question here lies in identifying the usefulness of the certification and whether it is worth spending money and time.

More and more companies and government agencies are adopting Red Hat as a workable operating system in their architecture. In addition, with the advancement of cloud computing, cloud storage, and virtualization, Red Hat certifications have expanded to keep pace with market demand.


These days, many private or government companies accept the Red Hat Certifications as a reasonable operating system in their framework. The reason is that the Red Hat Certifications allow the candidates to configure the networking services and securely deploy them on the servers of Linux. Red Hat System administrator (RHSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) are the two main certifications Red Hat offers. Discussing some of its usefulness:-

  • The first advantage is that this certification allows the candidates to efficiently manage, operate, and configure the Linux operating system.
  • Secondly, it helps manage the group and user authentication of a centralized directory.
  • Thirdly managing the security Linux Configuration and basic Fireball.


The curriculum of the Red Hat Certifications is formulated by its own Linux Experts, support team, and field personnel from all around the world. The certification and courses they offer tools and their variety of roles grasp Red Hat from security personnel to developers and system administrators. The Red Hat assessments help spot relevant courses or curricula to aid team development or individuals. Some of the tools that the assessment includes are:-

  • RHEL
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Container –Native Application Development

Reasons of Red Hat gained popularity and advantages:

  • It was popularized as the application seller providing support to Linux requires writing a testament on their product. They preferably opt for one (RHEL) or two (Suse Linux) assortments to support. As Suse Linux is not in demand in the USA, RHEL got popularized.
  • Red Hat is deeply committed to the open-source committee, and development models add to the reason for Red Hat’s popularization.
  • Discussing advantages, it supports more cores along with maximum threads and sockets, thus helping it handle more memory. In addition, the file system permits a variety of capabilities that provide users with more options parallel to the workload.
  • Working professionals can also get certified while working the Red Hat online training programs. These are specially formulated for working professionals, not hamper their work.


If an IT professional is for a system administrator job role in any of the reputed companies, Red Hat certifications could be a good start. The reason is that these certifications need good commanding knowledge of Linux systems, making use of Red Hat methodologies. This certification is better than any other cyber security course or hacking course, as it is a layered and integrated security strategy of process, technology, and people. It allows technologies to manage, build and imbrute a hybrid cloud fixed in a stack and protected with in-depth security strategy across the whole application stack, life cycle, and infrastructure. With the certification and relevant experience, the personnel can easily boost their career in Linux systems, server enterprises. Some job roles in which one can fit in after Red Hat online training are:-

  • Linux system administrator- in general, the salary for a Systems administrator is Rs.4,55,547 per year in India. Some popular recruiters are TCS, IBM, WIPRO, and HCL.
  •  System Administrator- in general salary for this job role is Rs.3,53,203 in India. Some popular recruiters are TCS, IBM, WIPRO, and HCL.
  • Linux system engineer- one can expect a salary of Rs.4,50,000 in India. Some leading recruiters are Tech Mahindra, Hewlett Packard.
  • Senior system administrator- professionals for this role can earn up to Rs.6,21,198 in India. Some recruiters are Cognizant, Wipro, and CSC.


Red hat certification offers the appropriate skill set required to maintain, configure and update the Linux servers along with proficiency. This is very helpful for the companies to increase their productivity by adding new servers to their networks. This cuts down on the expense of adding more administrators. These days companies are interested in hiring Red Hat certified people, which adds to their efficiency. This automatically would increase the productivity of the IT firms. Coming down to the availability of jobs globally, there is an ocean full of opportunities for administrators and system engineers. With the Red Hat certifications and pertinent experience, the IT personnel can quickly raise the graph, which indicates their salary and career growth.    

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