Is Physiotherapy Edmonton Perfect For Treating Headaches?

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People often report of extreme pains in their heads. Most individuals think that headaches only in the area where the brain is located; but the head consists of face, neck and head. So pain can be felt anywhere in these three areas.

Are Headaches Very Common?

According to the WHO or World Health Organization 50 to 70% of the world’s population and especially adults suffer from headaches; that range from mild to severe intensity. The most important point to know is whether these headaches can be treated with Physiotherapy Edmonton?

Distinct Types Of Headaches

Many of the headaches are caused by problems in the head, but others are connected with other circumstances which also include psychological disorders. All of the different kinds of headaches have to be known; so that the proper treatment can be judged.

Headaches Caused By Stress

As the term suggests that these headaches occur only when the patients experience tension. This tension can be caused by a genuine reason or because of an unknown fear. Physical and psychological stress is also a likable cause of this headache as explained by expert physio therapists.


This headache can be differentiated from other headaches by a simple symptom that happens on either of the two sides of the head. The duration of the headache can last from 3 hours to even 72 hours.

What Are Cluster Headaches?

If patients come to the pain clinic Edmonton with pain in one side of the head; especially around the temple and eye then this called cluster headaches. The pain is extremely sharp, piercing and burning sensation.

Neck Pain Causes Headaches

At times the patients want to be treated at clinics like Regenerate Physio with pains in the head. But after proper diagnosis, the result comes out that the pain in the neck and shoulder areas are the main reason.

Vertigo Can Also Be A Cause

Many physical reasons are also there that can be the main cause of a headache; this includes issues in the inner and middle part of the ear canal. Also if there is an imbalance in the fluids then patients will experience severe headaches.

How Physiotherapy Edmonton Can Help Them?

On certain occasions, the medicines do not affect the headaches and proper treatments are needed by visiting physiotherapy clinics Edmonton. These clinics can use a single treatment or combine two or more to make the therapy more effective.

Customised Exercises

You must be thinking that how exercises can treat the headaches? The simple answer is that when different conditions causing the headaches are cured then they will automatically go away.

Shockwave Therapy

The shockwave therapy at various physiotherapy west Edmonton clinics is the safest way to use technology to reduce headaches. In this very low sound wave frequency is used to go deep into the source of the problem.

Intramuscular Treatment Or Acupuncture

Muscle stress and tension are the two main causes of headaches according to experts at physio Edmonton. Dry needle or acupuncture makes the muscles twitch that releases tension and stress.

Vestibular Treatments And Rehabilitation

Patients experiencing vertigo or dizziness can have headaches from time to time. Different positional therapy, balance retaining, gaze stabilization, and many other therapies are conducted at Physiotherapy Edmonton.

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