Hyperfixation – Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

Hyperfixation - Definition, Symptoms & Treatment
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Hyperfixation is not a rare matter for people with ADHD. Rather all individuals, whether kids or adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD hyper fixation), have the idea that how it likes to be involved deeply in something like a book, any project, game, etc. The intensity of the involvement is so deep that this person forgets the individuals around them for a long time.

What is hyper fixation?

For people with ADHD, the state of hyper fixation has been known as hyperfocus.

Some people call it as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘completely engaged.’ The state is intensely involved, excluding all other things.

But it is not the hyper fixation definition. It means to obsess with something for a long time. The thing is that the obsession should not be harmful; otherwise, it may create problems.

For answering the question of what does hyper fixation means, it can be said that Hyperfixation is a path of self-medicating ADHD at some point. People get obsessed with high-risk games, looking for bargaining or sex. This all can arouse ADHD syndrome and develop the neurotransmitters that are not there. It increases the chances of generating more adrenaline hormones and insists people take higher risks that would become very exciting.

Symptoms of ADHD syndrome

Most of the time, ADHD is related to hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or un-attentiveness. Nevertheless, some people with these symptoms also face hyperfocus. Here are some signs of ADHD and hyperfocus:

  • For people who are highly attentive to something interesting that satisfies their thrills, hyperfocus is an ADHD symptom that individuals may find contradicting nature to their natur
  • al character.
  • People may fully be immersed in attraction, passion, works, or any actions in a hyperfocus state.
  • If any individual is suffering from hyperfocus, they might not show any interest in other works without any reason.

Some symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Loss of attention and careless approach
  • Hyperactive and restlessness in attitude
  • Can’t hold pulse, make fast decisions

These symptoms can lead to hyper fixation. So, people need to recognize these symptoms early and take the necessary steps to control them.

Hyperfixation Habits

At any time, if you find over addiction to any passion, tv series, or completing any project for an extended period, then it is hyper fixation. Usually, people find relaxation and relieve stress through this kind of obsession. It sometimes assists people in recovering from anxiety and tension.

Suppose, if you are hyper-fixating on some innovative project, you will enjoy this. At the same time, this would help you explore your creative side, and you will be happy. This way, in search of happiness, if you would try to create new things by stopping all other activities and neglecting others, then it is hyper fixation.

If you can’t live without your project, then it should be checked. But if you don’t react if the project is not there, then it’s ok.

Tips for treating hyperfocus

ADHD hyperfocus can be seen in both children and adults. At first, we will talk about how to manage hyperfocus symptoms in children:

  • Children tend to watch tv or play video games for a long time, which resulted in hyper fixation. So, parents should restrict the time limit for them for watching cartoons and playing games, etc.
  • Try to make the child realize regarding obsession. That will help them to restrict themselves.
  • Try to include some definite time for the activities that your child likes the most. Suppose they are watching their favorite cartoon, then you mark that when it ends, the child must switch off the tv and shifts its attention to another thing. It will prevent them from being hyperfocus.
  • Usually, loneliness eats up the children, so they get addicted to games or tv shows in search of a companion. You can engage them in some social activities and also encourage them to play outdoor games. It will be beneficial for them.

Tips for controlling hyper fixation in adults:

  • If you find yourself too much attracted to something that makes you forget all other works, this should be stopped. You can set alarms, reminders that will help you quit a particular task and complete all other charges.
  • You can decide your tasks according to priority and then complete them accordingly. This will not allow you to focus on something for a long time.
  • If you find any of your acquaintances are addicted to something, don’t hesitate to talk to them regarding hyperfocus.
  • You can also ask someone to call you or send an email at a particular time. This way, you can save someone from being hyperfocus.

But if the situation is out of control, then it would be best to take an expert’s advice. Proper medication can also help to fight hyper fixation.

Is Hyperfixation helpful?

Sometimes hyper fixation is mistaken for addiction. But hyper fixation is not a continuous craving like an addiction. For instance, alcohol addiction is not hyper fixation. Even hyper fixation, in some cases, is very helpful. It helps people to forget their tension and worries. Sometimes people can create innovative things while hyper-fixating. But nothing is good when it crosses the limit. So, if people find too much obsessed with something, they should divert their minds. Then they can enjoy hyper-fixating sometimes.

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