How to Deal With Relationship Anxiety

relationship anxiety
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When you are in a relationship with the person you love the most, you develop trust and form some boundaries. You have also learned the communication styles you both possess. Although relationships can be the most important and pleasurable things, they also bring anxiety to you. Relationships can cause anxious thoughts and feelings in their partners. It can occur at any stage of the relationship. When single people think of being in a relationship with others, they can have stress, and not only this when people are in a new relation, they can have feelings like whether their partner likes them or not, whether this relationship is going to work, etc. 

As the relation gets stronger these things may get more intense and with this, the anxiety begins. Some more questions like will I be able to make it to the last and should I go deeper in the relation with commitment etc comes to mind of the partners. These feelings can make you feel alone and can create distance between both the partners which will eventually and gradually end up at the end of the relation. These negative thoughts which you were getting regarding your relationship with your partner may totally destroy your love life. 

The constant worrying about the relationship between you and your partner is termed relationship anxiety. These can even pop up when your relationship is going pretty well. It is quite normal to have this and almost every couple may face it at the beginning of their relationships. Researchers have said that with time it can lead to some emotional disturbances, there is a lack of motivation in either or both of the partners, and some physical symptoms as well. 

Causes Of Relationship Anxiety

  1. Insecure previous relationships
  2. Your low self-esteem
  3. Attachment style that you have formed in your childhood.
  4. A tendency for asking questions with yourself.

Dealing With Relationship Anxiety

People think about whether it is possible to overcome relationship anxiety. The answer to this is yes, but it will take a lot of effort for you to overcome this. It should be taken into consideration before it becomes a problem.

Some tips that help are:

  1. If you want to come over this, you have to shift your inner attention to the things you are presently focusing on. You have to make a note of what your inner voices are trying to convey to you. This process is known as self-discovery and will surely help you out in having a happy and healthy relationship with your partner. 
  2. When you are in a relation, your identity can shift and change according to the need of your partner. You may also be trying to give more space to your partner so that there are no adjustment issues and your understanding is also good. You may think that changing yourself will help you and your partner and he/she will come closer to you. But the truth is that it is not going to work. Both the partners should maintain their own identity which they were having before they became a couple. 
  3. Try focusing on mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is focusing on the present and living in the present and that too without any judgments. This will also help you out when you are stuck in a negative thought behavior pattern and will help you in prioritizing your daily experiences with your loving partner.
  4. Practicing good communication between you and your partner may also help you out in solving all the major and minor conflicts in your life. When you face relationship anxiety, it is also possible that it has nothing to do with your partner. Talking and having good communication may make you and your partner come closer and you are able to resolve all conflicts. 
  5. When you are anxious in your relation with your partner, you are in search of proof that things are going alright. In this case, it is not helpful for either of you. Try focusing on your behavior which you had at the time you became a couple and now when you are a couple. After evaluating this, make certain positive changes in your behavior and you will see that the conflicts between you and your partner are resolving.
  6. When the above does not help, take the help of a counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, or clinical psychologist. They will help both of you and you will be able to live a happy and healthy life altogether.

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