How to Control Anger In Marital Relationships

control anger
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Siddhartha Gautama had once said never return anger with anger, instead try to control your anger. Anger is a natural and a normal component in everyone and it can make its presence shown in a relationship. There are ups and downs in every relationship and some of you tend to see just the negatives in your partners and this can bring the emergence of anger in you. Anger can seriously harm the relationship and can bring emotional instability in the partners.

An angry person’s attitude and behavior will also make the other person emotionally drained off. It will also brain you off physically and mentally and harm the health of your relationship. Top psychologist Dr.R.K.Suri says that anger is the top three problems that couples face in their relationships and for which they come to him. Because they find no love in their relationship and reason to stay together.

Now you must be thinking that anger is a problem but this is not the case. Anger is not the problem but tacking it or managing it properly is a problem. People are not able to handle it properly. The way you manage and handle anger in a relationship promotes trust, respect, and maturity in a relationship.

Effective Strategies Of Dealing With Anger In A Relationship

Some effective strategies to deal with anger in a romantic relationship are:

Emotional neutralization is important:

When a person becomes angry, he/ she becomes uncontrollable and uncooperative. If you want to control an angry person stop revolting and complaining when he/ she is having an angry time. Instead, make yourself quiet and calm in this way, the other person will become calm easily and quickly.

Make yourself confident and respect the other person:

When you want to express what you want and how your partner feels try to be confident and respectful to them. It will make you more open to them and you will be able to understand them more quickly. It will also make your partner understand that they also have some responsibilities towards you and hence he or she will take care of it.

Try to communicate, understand and validate accordingly:

People usually get angry because they think and feel that others are not listening to them or other people are not taking them seriously or maybe they may feel that people are not appreciating them. Therefore it is advisable to listen, understand, and validate the feelings of your partner in an effective manner.

Make love and patience your topmost priority:

There are some emotions that lie beneath anger in an individual i.e. fear, sadness, and pain. Some people think that anger makes them controllable of others and more powerful. But this is just a short-term case. In the long term, their angry behavior hurt them both physically and mentally. Therefore listening to the other person patiently and loving them truly is all you can do to make them mentally strong. This will help them leave their habit of being angry.


Forgiveness is one big tool to overcome the enrage of anger especially in a relationship that is being destroyed by the anger of one person or the other. Forgiving the person who has hurt you by being negative about you will also make you stay calm mentally and you will not focus on the negative feelings relating to them.

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