How Clothes Impact Your Personality

clothes impact your personality
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You make an effort while choosing clothes to look nice on different occasions. For most of you, it becomes important that you match your attire with the place and event. Scientific studies reveal that the clothes you wear have an impact on your behavior, attitude, mood, confidence, personality, and even the way you interact with others. You even consider evaluating people you just met based on their clothes, to their attitude and behaviors. Based on similar evaluations you choose clothes for yourselves to look more confident and possibly experience mood enhancements in your social interactions.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own us, but we decide what we are, what we want to express by the way we dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

Whether you are a man or a woman, the fashion choices you make or clothes you choose, impact both your personality, the impression you make on others, and in turn how people behave with you. They can affect everything from the outcome of a sports match to an interviewer’s impression of your ability to effectively perform any particular job.

The type of clothes you wear and the colors you choose, all send out subliminal messages on the type of person you are. Researches have shown that the way you dress not only conveys the type of person you are but can also influence the way you think. In short, your clothes are the first impression of your personality.

Clothes, Colour and Personality

Many of you are unaware of the relation between the colour of clothes and how they impact your personality. A bright clothed person or an always black-clothed person, the choice of colour reveals more about your emotion, thought-process and behaviour than your wardrobe collection. Colours have the ability to jazz the mood up or tone them down. Your choices are perceived to showcase your identity. 

Bright colours like yellow, orange and red are considered as the trendsetters. Clothes of these colours show you as charming, approachable and friendly. These colours also speak the language of positivity and comfort.

Classic Shades of Black, Blue, and Grey make you look well-groomed. Possessing a sharp personality, you are considered as sophisticated, mannered, and well organized in life.

Abstract Prints: If you like your dresses with prints such as patterns and geometry, you are perceived as bold. You often choose to speak your mind and don’t like being told every little thing. You like to express your individuality and are likely to be very creative.

Slogan Prints: Clothes with Slogan Prints reveal that you are probably not scared of voicing your opinion and would like to give out a message. It could also suggest you are an attention-seeker and inclined to a particular thought, while in reality you may or may not be. 

Dress to Impress?

Joseph Benz at the University of Nebraska in a study surveyed more than 90 men and women with regards to the way in which they deceive potential partners whilst on dates. Researchers found that both genders have a tendency to use deception when dating but for different purposes. Many times, there are situations that compel you to look a certain way, to dress in a certain way, which does not resemble you, but you do it to be accepted in the eyes of society and the people. 

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Adopting a particular fashion merely based on compulsion does not contemplate your mood, mindset, and emotions. Fashion, being one of the most critical aspects of your style shall be more inclined towards expressing innermost thoughts, kindness, and feelings

Gradual changes in your society have affected your fashion style. Clothes have developed from a practical asset to a social marker more likely to affect the way you see yourselves. They help you to be seen in the light that you wish to be and also exude your personality and social status. However, colors, fabrics, and styles while addressing cultural norms and societal sensitivities, have changed to suit an individual’s personality. Your appearance, manners, and characteristics often have engaged with each other to complement your fashion and personality as a whole.


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