11 Foods That Will Kill Testosterone

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Testosterone is a significant hormone produced by the human body. It is one of the primary sex hormones found in both men as well as women.

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Normally the testosterone level decreases as the age progresses but some foods are also responsible for reducing the level.

11 foods that kill Testosterone:

1. Alcoholism:

The frequent intake of alcohol decreases the level of testosterone. By preventing the excessive intake of alcohol, testosterone level is expected to be maintained and will improve your sex drive. Preventing the use of mixed beverages will also be beneficial as it possesses a large amount of non-essential glucose that will add up to your weight.

2. Chicken wings and nachos:

Deep fried chicken wings can also increase the risk of heart diseases with time as it levels up cholesterol and can be a major cause of damage to blood vessels.

3. Ice cream and intake of other products having high fat and sugar:

Everyone is looking forward to having this luscious treat but it holds a large amount of glucose and its intake will lead to excessive calorie consumption which can be a problem for the health conscious people.

Intake of ice lotion may also add up to exhaustion and migraine when taken in large amounts. Therefore, plain yogurt can be used as an alternative.

The right amount of fat in body weight is necessary for the testosterone to release and this will further enhance sex drive. A diet plan having low fat will result in decrease of testosterone level. Excessive amount of glucose in diet also causes a drop in testosterone level.

4. Snacks:

The most convenient and exquisite type of food i.e. cookies, chips, sweets are a great source of glucose and carbohydrates that will eventually add up to your glucose level. Determination and effort is required to prevent the consumption of these type of healthy treats and substituting them with healthy green vegetables, raw nuts and also dark chocolates play an important role in improving sexual interest of men and propose the body system with the right amount of body fat that is required and eliminate all the non-essential fats of body.

They are the kind of ultra-processed food that are made from substances extracted from different foods, for example hydrogenated fats, additives, added sugar etc. Having them in your diet will decrease testosterone level.

5. Fast food:

Junk food is also very greasy and the majority of ingredients used in them are deep fried. Deep frying in soybean and sunflower oil can significantly reduce testosterone levels in men.

6. Whole grains:

Whole grains also play a role in altering the testosterone levels. They contain gluten which will enhance the prolactin level and will eventually cause a drop in testosterone level. Similarly a diet rich in soluble fibres also reduces testosterone levels. In addition to this, most of the grains can draw out minerals that are essential for the body.

7. Sodas:

Soda contains large amounts of glucose and is the leading cause of obesity in individuals. Usually people think that only soda can be harmful but the fact is that the packaging in which we drink that is also hazardous to our health. This is because these package bottles are made up of phthalates that have properties similar to estrogen.

8. Pasta:

Pasta is a carbohydrate rich meal and is a great source of calorie consumption. If you love consuming a meal rich in carbohydrates, then it is required to do some kind of physical exercise in order to burn the excessive carbohydrate consumption otherwise it will be stored in your body as fat and will in turn decrease testosterone level.

9. Intake of large amount of nutritional fiber:

Nutritional fibers should be a part of our normal meal but its excessive consumption can alter testosterone levels in men. Too much fiber consumption will change testosterone’s metabolism and will cause a drop in its level. However, limiting fibers is not a solution rather they should be taken in appropriate amounts.

According to many researches, consuming soya bean products like soya milk, tofu, and edamame regularly may cause a decrease in testosterone level.

Soya products have high levels of phytoestrogens, they are plant derived products that imitate the effects of estrogen in the body and in turn reduce testosterone.

10. Baked products:

Consumption of donuts, muffins and pie greatly affects testosterone levels if taken in excessive amounts. According to a 2018 research, men who consumed large quantities of pastries, dairy products and bread have observed reduced testosterone levels.

This kind of diet is also related to increase in insulin level and visceral fat which can further suppress testosterone levels.

11. Mint:

Spearmint and peppermint are used in tea for calming odour but the menthol present in mint is responsible for the decrease in testosterone level leading to decrease in libido.

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