Effect Of Electronic Gadgets On Sleep

using electronic gadgets at night
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Using a phone before sleep at night has become a habit of you all. What you do at night is just wear your night suit, go to bed and take your mobile phone. Else you just switch on your televisions (with less possibility) because you are in need of some leisure time. This has become a part of your life and it’s quite hard for you all to keep yourself away from gadgets even at night. There are finding which explains that using electronic gadgets at night do affects your sleeping patterns and there may be some sleeping disturbances because of that. But you do not have any idea regarding that and you hardly bother about their harmful effects on your sleep.

When you come to know the effects of using electronic gadgets at night time, you may feel guilty about using them. As you use your brain from morning till night and then at night it’s time for it to shut down in the form of sleep, the same is with electronic gadgets.

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There are many effects of electronic gadgets on sleep. They are:

  • It keeps you psychologically busy: The smartphones were designed to make sure that it will make your life easier and productive. They were designed so that they can provide you with more information and knowledge. But when you are finally on your beds for sleep then what your brain needs is more information, more knowledge, and more entertainment. For that what you prefer doing is, checking your gadgets continuously. It will have a bad effect on your sleep and will keep you awake. When there is a need to be constantly connected and available for the people, then you are more on your gadgets. Sometimes even in your sleep, you feel connected to your mobile phones and other gadgets. You cannot log off your brains. This can make you stay awake for a prolonged period of time. But this should not be the case as sleep should be happy and relaxing for every one of us and when you use your gadgets at bedtime, it can hinder sleep and you will not be able to sleep easily and happily.
  • Melatonin is suppressed: The blue light which comes from the screen may suppress the hormone melatonin which affects your sleeping pattern. This hormone is responsible to bring sleep to you. It is responsible to control your sleep-wake cycle. The blue light which comes from your gadgets is also not good for your vision. Researches have proven the effects of blue light on melatonin levels. And when you are low on this hormone, you may feel tired during the day and insomnia. The blue light which comes out of your gadgets is an artificial light that is made in such a way that it resembles daylight and it can affect the sleep clock and the circadian rhythm.
  • A decrease in REM sleep: REM is a stage of sleep that is important as it repairs the mind and body. It makes your memories strong and is linked to your problem-solving skills. When it is not fulfilled, it can leave you with a lack of concentration. Also when you are scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds every night and you see something which can hurt you deeply, will let you be awake in bed. You will be staring at the ceiling for hours. Your REM sleep is disturbed and it can make you feel tired the next morning. Researchers have said that checking gadgets when you go to bed can distort your emotions and thoughts which can directly affect your confidence level. They also say that you should do some relaxing activities at bedtime that will give you a good sleep. If you feel struggling with that, try keeping your phone and other gadgets away from you or in another room so that they are out of reach.

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