Do you Know These 6 Reasons for Bullying

reasons of bullying
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Are you a victim of bullying? Do people constantly demean you
physically or mentally? Do you get nightmares because of bullying?
Bullying is a huge problem for the growth of several people.
Sometimes people get so sick of bullying that they end up taking their
own life.  There are various reasons for bullying. Before you dive deep into these reasons, let me tell you a little about bullying.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when people intentionally use words or activities over and
over against someone or a group of people to cause physical, social, and mental damage. They usually intend to cause the individual to
feel defenseless.

It can happen at any place — at school, at work, at home, on the web, or
through text or email. Bullying can come in various structures, all of which cause misery and torment for the individual who is being harassed.

Insight into reasons behind bullying:

  1. The bully has suffered bullying in the past
    Several bullies have been bullied before, whether by families or
    just by their friends. They may have been harassed to a point
    where they feel unimportant, which drives them so mad that
    they need to take it out on another person. After suffering from bullying in the early stage of their life, they grow up to become a bully because that’s all they know. They feel pleasure in seeing people suffer the pain which they have suffered in the past.
    However, in some cases, the victim turns into a kind person because they deeply understand the terrible pain of bullying. They actively take a strong stand to save others from bullying. 
  2. The bully is abandoned
    Everyone wants to feel a sense of belongingness in the society
    they live or grew up in. When people are abandoned, they tend
    to look for opportunities to feel special in the community they
    live in.
    Sometimes they pick the wrong path and turn bully. It’s what
    they feel gives them power and a feeling of significance.
    No matter how many friends they have, they may desire the
    attention they feel worthy of but do not get it. 
  3. Domestic problems
    Domestic problems are a common cause of bullying. This could
    be a physical or verbal attack that will torment somebody’s
    That could transform an ordinary individual into a violent and
    passionate being with a delicate brain. You need to understand
    that if so, at that point the bullying jerk is a victim as well.
  4. The bully lacks self-confidence
    People love to feel grand about themselves. When they feel they
    are not worthy enough they look for an opportunity to satisfy
    their ego.
    Whatever the explanation is, the simplest route for them to
    accomplish that is by putting another person down.
    Dominating others physically or mentally doesn’t make anyone strong. They just live in an illusion of being a strong person. However, in reality, they are just a threat to society.  
  5. Jealousy
    Jealousy is one of the prime reasons for bullying. When a person is jealous of someone, they try to take them down by harming them physically or mentally. They just can’t accept the truth that someone is ahead of them. This thought constantly pinches their nerves so they end up harming the person. A simple and best solution is to take inspiration from others and apply them to yourself to become a better version of yourself.
  6. The bully likes attention
    Some people like to be in limelight. Obsessing for attention is not wrong but one should not use bad tricks to get it. When they don’t get it ethically, they look for other bad ways to get attention. Chances are high that you know someone like that. They ordinarily don’t have a specific ability or abilities that can flare individuals so they need to make fun of somebody to get a few chuckles. Doing that, they feel that they’ve had a decent impression among their companions.

Final Thought

Bullying is cancer for society. You can’t imagine the amount of pain
one goes through because of bullying. Sometimes, people end up taking their life because of the constant
frustration of bullying.
If you like to bully then, please stop from this moment and swear to
never do it again!
If you know someone suffering from bullying then please rescue
them. Take strong action against the bully. Who knows, your help can
save someone’s life!

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