Bingo Wings – Top Exercise To Get Rid of Them

bingo wings
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Getting unwanted fat is a common problem for both men and women. Everyone loves to stay in shape. Weight gain is a matter of concern for all. For some belly fat is a concern, for some things, and for some bingo wings. Bingo wings are a common problem for women. You can google about bingo wings and get results pouring in like “what are bingo wings”, “exercise to reduce bingo wings”, “how to get rid of bingo wings”. But to make it easy for you, our trainers have researched everything about bingo wings because losing weight is a combination of diet and exercise and came up with overwhelming results for you ladies. In this article, you will know about what is bingo wings (if you don’t know, I m sure many don’t know it), what to eat in order to cut down bingo wings and exercise for bingo wings.

What are Bingo Wings?

Bingo wings are loose jiggling flesh or skin hanging from the upper side of women’s upper arms. The term is originated from the famous game Bingo of the 1990s. Along with belly fat and thighs, arm fat is also one of the areas affected by hormones and stress. To tone arm fat it is important to understand that overall body fat has increased and due to which arm fat has also increased. So a specific exercise will not solve the problem of bingo wings.

How To Get Rid of Bingo Wings:

Of course, exercise is a prime source to get rid of bingo wings, diet also plays an important role in targeting fat loss. To begin with, first, it is required to understand complete arm muscles. This understanding helps in working with each and every muscle effectively. Arm fat or bingo wings comprises different muscles.

  • Biceps: the front part of the upper arm
  • Brachialis: is an upper arm muscle that flexes the elbow and lies deeper than the biceps
  • Coracobrachialis: smallest muscle attached to the shoulder
  • Triceps Brachii: large muscle on the back of the upper limb
  • Anconeus: small muscle located at the elbow

All these 5 muscles needs to be targeted to get rid of bingo wings.

Exercise for Targetting Bingo Wings

No weight exercise:

If you don’t like lifting weights but still dream of getting rid of bingo wings then here are 5 no weight exercise for bingo wings

Bicep Push-ups

  1. Get in a standard push up position
  2. Turn your palm position backward i.e fingers should point wall behind you
  3. Lower down tucking elbows so that upper arm makes the angle of 45 degrees with the body
  4. Pause and push back up to start.
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Arm Circles:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms wide open parallel to the floor
  2. Rotate arms to make forward small circles and feel the tension in your triceps
  3. After 10 seconds reverse direction i.e rotate backward
  4. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Diamond Push ups:

  1. Get in a standard push up position
  2. Place your hands under your chest in a position that index finger and thumbs touch up to form a diamond shape.
  3. Lower your body till chest touches the floor
  4. Pause and push back up to start
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Lay Down Push up

  1. Get in a standard push-up position with wrist under elbow and core tight
  2. Lower down to the floor till your entire body touches the floor
  3. Extend your arms to the front
  4. Bring hands back under your shoulder and push up to start
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Hand Release Push up

  1. Get in a standard push up position with hands underneath the shoulder
  2. Lower down till your entire body touches the floor
  3. Raise your hands off the floor and put them back
  4. Push up to start
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

5 weight exercise for bingo wings

Bent Over Dumbell Row

  1. Hold two dumbells (weight of your choice, beginners can start with 3 kg each) one in each hand.
  2. Hung at arm’s length close to your sides
  3. Bend forward-facing floor, row the dumbbell towards the chest
  4. Pause and come back to starting position
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Dumbbell Curls

  1. Hold dumbbell in each hand and feet shoulder width apart
  2. Arms hung down to sides
  3. Keep your core tight and keen slightly bent
  4. Curl both arms upward till your shoulder
  5. Slowly come back to starting position
  6. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Tricep Dumbbell Dips

  1. Stand straight
  2. Hold a single dumbbell with both hands
  3. Straighten your arms overhead and lower dumbbells until elbows are locked
  4. Return to starting position
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Tricep dips

  1. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on a secure bench
  2. Make your posture as if you are sitting on a virtual bench
  3. Bend your elbows to lower your body
  4. Return to starting position
  5. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

Barbell Squat Press

  1. Hold a barbell at shoulder level (lift weight which you can handle)
  2. Bend down to squat
  3. Return to starting position
  4. Repeat 3 x 20 sets

To see good tone results do these exercises at least twice a week. For the rest of 5 days target belly fat, do high-intensity workouts, cardio, and stretching. Because focusing on full body weight is important for fat loss.

What to eat

A diet rich in protein is good for bingo wings fat loss. Eat fruits and fewer carbs. For some people, a normal diet and normal exercise start showing results but if you are not noticing any result in a month or two maybe you should try cutting more from your diet and increase exercise as well.

Never forget weight loss is a slow process. At least give time to six months to yourself to see results. Have faith. Believing in yourself is the prime rule for success be it work be it workout be it any phase of your life.

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