All you need to know about Child Therapy

Child Therapy
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What is Child Therapy and how is it useful? 

Child psychotherapy is building a therapeutic relationship in a child which is mainly focused on the emotional social and mental well-being of the child. It is not always easy for parents to discuss but it is very effective as it improves the mental health of a child. All the psychologists in Hyderabad are experts at helping children and develop their mental and emotional strength. They use different activities, effective games and try to build a friendly relation with children for good communication. This article will make you understand child therapy in brief. Keep ready to know more about it! 

Signs to know if your child needs therapy!

Every parent wants the best of their kids so if somehow your child gets a stomach ache we go to the right hospital but if the same child is expressing anxiety or seems a little depressed at that time parents get confused or aren’t sure what to do. So, during such circumstances, Child therapy is the best option. Here I am listing down some symptoms that say your child needs therapy: 

Sudden changes in behavior 

Some changes in your child’s personality can leave you worrying and sometimes behavioral changes are evident and may result in traumatic experiences. Tantrums and outbursts are usually signs that your kids are struggling with anxiety or some kind of feelings they are unable to express. Some stressful changes or situations may lead to changes in behavior like: 

– Parents getting divorced 

– Having a hard time with a new sibling 

– Moving to a new home or school 

– Custody evaluations and a lot more 

All of these may lead to a sudden change in behavior. Parents need to keep track of child’s behavior in such circumstances. 

Changes in eating or sleeping habits 

According to many types of research eating and sleeping habits is no less important than food, drink, or safety in the lives of children. Kids are sometimes overloaded with some activities like school homework, constant playing, overuse of mobile phones and television, eating more packet food, chocolates, and a lot more. But at a young age, they need to limit the use of mobile phones as it has adverse effects. Here are few things that parents should keep in mind: 

– Limit or cut down non-essential activities on school days like TV, computer, video games, texting, etc 

– Create a daily routine of at least 30 minutes before bedtime like reading bedtime stories; make them prepare for sleep, reading good storybooks, talking about their entire day, etc. 

–  Limit excessively packaged food items, chocolates, or fast-food consumption

–  Make them eat food rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium, etc 

So, eating and sleeping disorders in a child can be treated easily but guiding them about what is right or wrong and by taking the help of a child psychologist in Hyderabad. 

Isolating him/her from friends 

Humans are social beings and for most children and adolescents school is the most important social area for them to communicate in their lives. So in this case the moments of self-isolation are frequently seen in children but this is somehow co-related with the feeling of loneliness also. There are lots of reasons why end up feeling lonely even after connecting with their friends in school, let’s discuss some of them: 

–  Some children have low self-esteem and this may result in the feeling of loneliness or self-isolation 

– Some of them are less likely to take positive risks 

– Some may feel as if no one understands them

– If a child is introverted, he or she might be facing a hard time making new friends

Hence, due to all these reasons children end up feeling sad, worried and are likely to engage in risky behaviors. So in such cases, child therapy works effectively! 

What are the types of Childhood Therapy? 

Childhood therapy differs from child to child as each of them is unique and therefore needs different types of care, love, affection, and attention as each therapy will respond in its way. So, with that in mind lets’ discuss some child therapies in brief: 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most effective, unique, and common therapy for those with depression or anxiety. In this therapy, kids will learn how to recognize and understand some thought patterns that contribute to depression. CBT intends to assist you with recognizing and investigate the manners in which your feelings and contemplations can influence your activities. It is generally founded on the possibility that your musings, feelings, and activities are associated. 

Play therapy for Child

Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses different types of activities to help children to understand the emotional as well as mental health of a child. Psychologists believe that this therapy is very helpful as they can easily express how they feel about a particular situation. Here are some benefits for Play therapy: 

–  They become more responsible for their behaviors 

–  They can learn new social and interpersonal skills 

–  They can cultivate empathy and respect

–  Improves Parent and child therapist 

–  Reduces aggression

–  And decreased hyperactivity in children with ADHD 

Hence, feel free to consult child psychologists for different types of child therapies. 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic therapy is also known as psychoanalytic therapy based on different theories and principles but it is less focused on the relationship of patient and a therapist. This therapy is used to treat depression and other serious psychological disorders especially with those who find difficulty in forming or maintaining personal relationships.  

How Child Psychologists can help your children? 

Child Psychology is somehow very difficult to understand as their thoughts keep on changing as situations so psychologists can help to develop a connection with your kids and try to understand what is triggering them. They will help your child to evaluate, diagnose various behavior of the child. There are mainly five areas of child psychology covered by a therapist 

– Development of a child 

– Behavioural issues 

– Improving emotional and mental well-being 

– Physical, cognitive, social milestones

Apart from the above areas child psychologists helps the child to deal with depression, stress, OCD, anxiety, better sleep, and trauma-related disorders through various therapies and other practices. 

Conclusion  Hence, from the above article, we can understand that child therapies play a vital role in improving a child’s mental health. Hope you liked the article. Thank you! 

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