9 Common Reasons People Get Divorce

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Breaking up is a hard thing to do. When you get divorced with your partners, everything gets into a messy affair. There is a loss of everything in your life including the good old days, everything turns into memories now. When you are in the middle of a divorce you face a lot of mental changes in you, the most common is loneliness. Nobody can understand your mental state at that time.

Marriages are sometimes hard to handle as there are some rough patches. And because of these rough patches, there are conflicts between the couple. Some people think that sexual fidelity is the cause of every divorce that takes place, but this is not the case every time. The real cause is communication problems between the couple because of which relationship fails.

Although the divorce rate is low in India, less than 1 % but still it is important to know the reasons why people get a divorce.

Reasons for divorce

Factors that contribute to divorce are many in number. Researchers are working on this for many years and reasons for divorce include marriage at a young age, premarital pregnancy, low income, live-in relationships, a feeling of insecurity in any one of the partners, and coming from a family in which both the parents are separate or are divorced. Some of the common reasons are:

Communication Problems

The core of a relationship is communication. Researchers say that all the problems in a relationship are deep-rooted in communication. If the communication between the couple is good, then you may be able to resolve all the conflicts with your spouse. When you are not able to communicate your wish and problems in a proper way with your partner, all you have is conflict and resentment with your spouse. It becomes like a slippery slope where divorce is waiting for you at the end.

Not in love anymore

When there is no love left between the couple, you no more care for each other. This may become a reason for the separation of the two. It is not a big one but losing a feeling of love and romance in a relationship can also lead to divorce sometimes. This aching feeling can come overtime in a marital relationship.

No intimacy

With the feeling of love between both of you, your sex life also gets diminished. You are no more physically attracted to each other, your sex life is hell and there are no more long hugs as they used to be earlier. And finally, you are not able to handle that and you go for a divorce with your partner.

Lack of partnership

People go to the psychologist and claim that they feel unheard and misunderstood in their relationship and it feels like they are still alone. There is also a feeling of loneliness in them. With a life full of excitement and enthusiasm, they feel that it is not working well or maybe there are some issues in their relations. There is a feeling of emptiness everywhere. And because of this, they get disconnected from each other. Researchers also say that the mere feeling of loneliness can also be a reason for divorce.

Early marriage

One of the reasons for divorce may be that you are in your early years and adjustment for you might be difficult. You may not be able to know what your inner self may be or what may be important to you. When you are not ready for marriage there is a lack of trust between both of you that may make you go for a divorce.


When there is an addiction of any sort in one or both of the partners, then also it is possible that the couple can get a divorce. When a person is addicted to alcohol, drugs, or any other sort then there may be a threat to the other person’s safety. This may become a reason for their divorce.

Domestic abuse

People usually claim that they are getting a divorce because their relationship is an abusive one. That abuse may be physical or emotional. Physical abuse will also lead to emotional abuse every time. And when this happens, the person feels powerless. The best safe and supportive way to deal with an abusive partner is to get separate from each other.


Trust is the basis of all relationships. When one of the spouses is having an affair, it breaks the trust of the other person. The person feels betrayed and has lost all hopes from the relation. Here the result is that they get separated from one another.

Lack of emotional support:

Communication is the heart of marriage. When communication gets disconnected, the other person starts to feel ignored and disrespectful in a relationship. They start to think that they are no more a priority in their relationship and go for a separation.

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