8 Things About Cognitive Distortions

cognitive distortions
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Cognitive distortions are inaccurate thought patterns that convince you to think negatively about everything. They are thinking errors which if you experience often can lead to anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, and other mental issues.

For example, “I got ill because I got wet in rain. I will get sick always if I get wet in rain”. You are coming to a negative conclusion that you will get sick always whenever you will get wet in rain. Because today you have fallen sick because of getting wet in rain, which is actually not true. Likewise, any event which makes you think negatively in a way that, if wrong or bad has happened today it will happen always or because you failed once you are a loser or if you have not performed well once you should quit comes in cognitive distortions.

Experiencing cognitive distortions is common but if you experience them always it’s not a good sign. And you should consult a psychologist

Few more examples to make you clear:

“I failed in the science exam. I am a loser and failure” – coming to a negative conclusion
“Why it’s always me”. – thinking all bad happens only with you, feeling a victim

Here are 8 things about cognitive distortions

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