7 Signs You Are an Introvert

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Sometimes, it can be tough to accept yourself as an introvert. Often people misjudge introvert as a misanthropist. However, introversion is just a normal human personality. Introversion is not a disease or disadvantage. 

Are you also misunderstood as a misanthropist? Do people find you shy or unfriendly? Let us go through some of the signs of introversion to have a deep understanding:

  • You appreciate having me-time: Whenever you get the opportunity to take a break, you prefer to invest energy in reading stories, playing computer games, or simply tuning in to music. That peaceful time is a blessing to your feeling of prosperity despite the fact that there are a lot of times that you appreciate social parties.
  • You are most productive while being alone: You’re not against social gatherings or conversations, however, in the event that you need to think of an innovative solution, you need an ideal opportunity to work on the issue all alone. Having the chance to contemplate an issue allows you to utilize your capacity to dive deep into unique ideas and deliver results about which you can feel pleased.
  • You prefer being quiet and be a good listener: You like to stay reserved to listen and observe silently instead of joining a conversation spontaneously. If people describe you as quiet and a good listener then you are an introvert. You like to take as much time as necessary in discussions and possibly add to it when you’ve had the opportunity to think about your thoughts and sentiments on the current subject. In quicker-paced conversations, you may surrender easily and sit back quietly and listen to others.
  • You lead best when others are self-starter: Regardless of the conviction that introverts are peaceful to such an extent that they can’t take care of business and run things. However, under the correct conditions, they can be the best heads of all. When the team members are prepared to lead themselves, the introverted leader will bring out the best in him/her.

It’s just when the members need a lead given by its head that introverted people may be not able to give the valuable direction. At that point, you need to collaborate with an extrovert to move ahead.

  • You’re the last to lift your hand when somebody requests something from a group: As you would recall from your grade school days, there were some individuals whose hands shot straight out of sight when the teacher asked a question or required somebody to chip in.

Extroverts are in general prepared and anxious to hang out in any scholarly or social circumstance. While you, unlike extroverts don’t feel excited about these circumstances. You prefer to stay away from the spotlight and let the others grab it.

It isn’t true that introverted people know short of what others know. They simply don’t feel comfortable in the center stage.

  • You frequently wear earphones when you’re in a public place: Regardless of whether it’s clearing your path through a jam-packed bus stop or simply exploring a congested road, in case you’re an introverted person you in all probability don’t look for a lot of contact with others. To avoid contact, you would hold your head down and gaze directly before you. Now that you have plugged in the earphones (however nobody needs to realize if there’s really music coming through them) you can avoid people easily.
  • You value quality rather than quantity: This is the most valuable quality of introverts. Although extroverts or ambiverts can also have this quality.

However, often introverts have this trait. Introverts love to have a genuine connection. They don’t like to have hundreds of friends. They prefer to have just a few real friends with whom they get along well.

And that’s why they find it tough to move on when someone from their group leaves them.


Do you connect with these traits? Do you often feel frustrated for being an introvert? Never do that. Just accept yourself the way you are. Several successful people such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Mark Zukerberg, JK Rowling, Elon Musk, and many more are introverts. You can be the next!

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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta hails from Khagaria, a small town in Bihar, India. He is a B.com graduate from Delhi University. He believes in the magic of words. He is following his epiphany to add beauty to the Universe through soulful words. He is a keen observer, instinctive writer, and voracious reader. He is passionate about writing on ”LOVE”. He loves to pen down quotes and poetry about love, life, pain, and healing. He has written around fifty short stories for Story Mirror. He has been published twice as a co-author of ‘Treasure Trove’ and ‘HBB Micro Fiction Anthology’. ‘Love Potion’ is his debut poetry eBook. Being a fiction writer, most of the time his mind is on the emotional roller-coaster ride of the fictional world. To keep his mind sane he likes to cook and listen to music. He is looking forward to publishing his debut literary romance fiction novel soon! You can connect to his Instagram handle – @guptajiwrites

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