7 Important Stages of Self-Growth

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A person recognizes himself through self-growth and keeps developing himself to reach his full potential.

Self-growth helps you in various aspects of your life; be it your work life, family life, or social life. It transforms your attitude towards life and makes you available for many opportunities in life. It enhances your emotional and mental stability and makes you a better version of yourself, with qualities like a more considerate, loving, and positive person.

If you are looking for a recipe for personal growth then I must say there is no universal strategy for self-growth and development as we all are different as individuals. It depends upon individuals’ personal needs and life journey.

Self-growth as you know is an ongoing process that starts from an early age, and later gets shaped by parents, teachers, and the environment you belong to. You need to understand what you need in order to strive in hard situations. You basically need to be aware of the process, and know how it works, and take the right steps to grow and improve yourself.

Though there is no perfect universal recipe there are few stages of self-growth which are as follow:

Self-Knowledge: Gain knowledge from various sources.

The first stage of self-growth, where you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, in order to take receive opportunities in your life and also list out your threats to work on them, and analyze yourself. Self-knowledge will aid you in understanding yourself better. Try to learn more about your needs, fears, feelings, and make the decision whether you want to achieve more or not, if the need is met; how to minimize or diminish your fears. Self-knowledge is required for Self Improvement as you need to know where you’re moving to improve your skills and knowledge.


Always compare your growth with your previous self to check if you have come ahead or not. Once you get to know yourself better, your next step becomes easy, that is to compare your today self to yesterday’s self. This comparison of you with yourself will give you an idea/measure of how much growth you have attained. The key to success is to become a better version of your previous self, comparing your past and present (in terms of growth), which helps you to analyze your wins and losses. When you know your weak and strong points, you can use your strong point to perform better and weak points to work on them to change them and become a better person.

Modification: Improvement of your skills.

Your skills define you. If you want to improve or incorporate new skills, you are in the third of the stages of self-growth. Skills can change you or make your life, when you start thinking about changing your life for a better future by improving your knowledge; skills, and competencies, modification begins. It does not matter what made you inspired to change your life. Once the modification process starts you strive to become better. You will recognize significant changes in your life. Being optimistic and thinking positively will help you.


Acceptance is the key, you all have flaws and that’s natural nobody is perfect. You can work on weaknesses only after if you accept them as your weaknesses. You will understand better what all efforts you need to do now if you know where you are lacking. Now that you know what you want to achieve in your life, and you might know what kind of effort and time it takes to start changing for the better. You know what your weaknesses are, what your strengths are, and you’re ready to accept them all. There is no need to blame or shame or degrade yourself for who you are. Self-acceptance and self-love will help you value yourself.

If you know what you want to improve, the next thing you need to do is, roll up your sleeves.


Plan out your schedule and activities well, according to your will. What do you want to do? Do you want to learn something new like a new language? Or you are interested in learning new skills? You choose anything for you but for better growth, you should set priorities for your goals. For example,

•           Set your short- and long-term goals

•           Write a plan

•           Put down your achievements

Planning is vital for your personality development as it helps you move in the right direction and analyze your results.

Reach Your True Potential:

Self-growth needs hardworking, determination, persistence, and fighting against your doubts and fears. You need to step out of your comfort zones, to reach your full potential. You need to grow daily little by little, recognize your value and self-worth. Give a try to all things that grab your interest even if you are phobic of failure. You will never know what your talents are until you give it a try. However, you also must have the patience to grow as a person which becomes sometimes hard when you are pressed for time.


Now you will notice the changes you bought in your life as you move through all stages of self-growth, you will start growing as a person. Now you have your goals, plans, and desires that will keep you on the go. There is no time frame for your personal growth.  If self-growth should be high on your priority list, never give up and keep on striving and achieving, more and more. See it as a continuous process that helps you keep a work-life balance and helps you stay a happy person, no matter what obstacles you face.

You can learn more tips about self-growth from Dr.R.K.Suri, he has counseled many peoples and helped them achieve their goals. Sometimes you put all your efforts and planning but still, you are unable to achieve what you want. You should seek experts advice than know where you are going wrong.

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