7 Dental Issues That Can Be Fixed with Invisalign Treatment

invisalign treatment
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Invisalign has now become a popular and outstanding treatment option for helping people in Preston achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. The orthodontic treatment uses clear, removable plastic aligners to provide patients with a convenient and virtually invisible way to straighten their teeth.

Compared to traditional braces, it is a much more comfortable treatment option plus it also helps achieve results faster.

The treatment involves wearing plastic aligners for most hours of the day. But no one will notice them on you, so you can wear them to work or University without the fear of being called metal-mouth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is easier to clean and you can still eat your favourite foods. You just need to take them out when you want to eat or brush. Invisalign is truly a convenient option for treating a range of dental issues.

However, when considering going for the revolutionary treatment, you should also know if it is just the best option for your kind of issue. The truth is that not all dental issues can be solved with Invisalign. In this post, we have highlighted 7 dental issues that can be fixed with Invisalign. If any of them is what’s making you lose your confidence, then Invisalign is the treatment you have been looking for.

7 Dental problems to be fixed with Invisalign

  1. Crooked teeth – This is probably the most common reason why people like to choose Invisalign treatment for teeth straightening. When you suffer from the problem of crooked teeth and you want to get them straightened to improve your smile, Invisalign is the suitable solution for your case. By making slight adjustments to the alignments, you can actually create a big difference to boost your confidence level.

  2. Overbite – This usually takes place when your upper front teeth seem to overlap on the lower front teeth as they seem to be bigger. Though the overbite is somewhat normal, it can affect your overall appearance and lead to further dental issues. When an overbite is not treated on time, it can cause the lower teeth to wear down. It can even cause gum problems and make you suffer from severe pain in the jaw. It is suggested that you speak with the dentist and fix the overbite problem with Invisalign method quickly. 

  3. Underbite – An underbite occurs when the lower front teeth become bigger than the upper front teeth. They overlap on it when you close the mouth and lead to jaw as well as joint pain. It may make the tooth to wear down and even interfere with speaking and chewing abilities. So, when you suffer from this kind of dental problem, you can get it treated with Invisalign. By visiting a good provider, you can fix this issue and enjoy your life.

  4. Open bite – When the lower and upper teeth do not meet properly after closing the mouth, you suffer from an open bite. This condition occurs mostly in children or adults who simply love to put an item between their teeth. Having an open bite may affect your appearance which makes it really difficult to bite on certain foods. It may even cause lisp as well as cracked back teeth. So, Invisalign may help in moving your upper and lower teeth in proper position and fix the problem of an over bite.

  5. Cross bite – When you close mouth and some upper teeth remain right within the lower teeth than on outside, you suffer from a crossbite. You may have either a front or a back crossbite based on the teeth being affected. The problem may lead to trauma which is said as early loss of baby teeth or bad dental hygiene. A cross bite may lead to permanent changes in the facial structure as you try to compensate by shifting the jaw to one side. It may even wear and chip the teeth while impacting the growth of your jaw. So, Invisalign can solve the problem of a crossbite unlike other dental problems.

  6. Gapped teeth – If there are gaps between two or more teeth, then you should consult with the dentist for getting them fixed. When there is additional space between the teeth, this may impact your smile and health of the gums. In case food particles get trapped in the gaps, this can cause gum disease and bad breath. Invisalign is considered to be a great option for fixing the problem of gapped teeth, close gaps and align teeth properly to restore your attractive smile.

  7. Crowded teeth – Sometimes, your teeth can get overlapped, twisted or pushed behind or in front of the surrounding teeth. This appears when it seems there is not sufficient space to adjust the teeth or they have got bunched up than spaced evenly. It may be difficult to brush or floss your crowded teeth and this can lead to the formation of plaque, bacteria, gum disease and tooth decay. So, it is advised that you need not wait till you get these problems and fix your crowded teeth with Invisalign treatment.

You need to schedule an appointment with your provider for performing Invisalign treatment at Dental Clinic London and get straighter teeth. This will help to improve your overall appearance and confidence level.

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