6 Tips To Grow Your Eyelashes

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In enhancing your eyes, eyelashes play an important role. Good and long eyelashes catch people’s attention really quickly and they increase your beauty automatically.

There is much expensive and affordable mascara available in the market which provides you with long and fluttering eyelashes. But these are a temporary solution and over time these mascaras damage your natural lashes.

There are many different natural and artificial ways that help you to grow your eyelashes.

You might be wondering about those ways and tips.

So let’s have a look at these tips;

6 Tips To Grow Your Eyelashes

Below mentioned are the six tips that will help you to grow your lashes quickly.

Eyelash Extensions:

Getting eyelash extensions is one of the fastest ways to grow your lashes. It is an artificial method.

If you go for non-permanent lashes it will cost you around 200$ – 500$.

And if you go for permanent lashes then it will cost you around 600$ – 3000$.

Eyelash extensions are long time solution. They are safe and not that to maintain.

Removing eyelash extensions is not that hard.

Eyelash extensions are totally customizable. It totally depends on you how bold or thick long or short you want. According to your preference, your stylist will customize them.

These artificial lashes will damage your natural lashes too. So keep that in mind.

Use a lash growth serum:

Lash growth serum really works for most people. There are alot of lash growth serums available in the market.

When choosing a lash growth serum always look for “Latisse” it is bimatoprost that helps to make your lashes longers and thicker. Latisse is considered one of the best products for lashes.

It’s recommended to ask your dermatologist about the best lash serum. It may be possible what works for our friends or siblings may not work for you.

Go for natural or fewer chemicals containing serums because if your lash contains strong chemicals then it will be really uncomfortable for your sensitive eyes and lashline.

Search for the ingredients properly. Investing in a good-quality natural lash serum is a wise decision.

Use castor oil:

One of the oldest yet traditional remedies or methods to grow your lashes is by using castor oil.

If you want to use pure and natural ingredients on your eyes then castor oil is a great option for you.

Castor oil is antioxidant and moisturizes your eyelashes deeply. Castor oil also improves the flexibility of your eyelashes.

It increases the length of your eyelashes, making them thicker and darker.

You can mix castor oil with coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil and can apply with the help of a spoolie brush or empty mascara brush.

Another most effective way is to mix it up with vitamin e-liquid and apply it with the help of a brush.

Try a Lash Lift:

The lash lift also enhances your eyelashes. It makes your lashes look longer.

Lash lifting is also an artificial method. It is a chemical-containing process to curl your lashes.

The curlier your lashes will be the longer they look. Lash lifting is a temporary but long time running process.

After lash lifting, you dont need any lash curlers anymore.

They really look natural and didn’t even feel on the eyes. If you get them done by professionals then they will be very safe and they didn’t even affect your eyes.

The whole process is painless so dont worry about itchiness or anything. The normal lash lift lasts for 6-8 weeks.

Take supportive supplements:

Eyelashes are hair but in tiny form. Just like our hair needs supplements and proteins same goes for eyelashes.

You can ask your dermatologist for supplements. Dont select or choose on your own or someone’s recommendation. It might be possible that something not works the same as it works for someone else.

Your hair needs keratin the most. To build that keratin in your body you need amino acids and collagen. So always look for biotin and collagens in ingredients.

Use a serum-infused mascara:

If you love makeup then you use mascara alot which results in the breaking of your natural eyelashes. But dont worry about breakage anymore because there are many lash growth serum infused mascaras available in the market.

These mascaras provide you with both nourishment and black mascaras look.

Wrapping It All Up!

Eyelashes are one of the beautiful features of your face. They enhance the overall beauty of your physical appearance. Growing them is not that hard and after this article, it’s very easy for you to grow your natural lashes.

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