5 Simple Poses to Reduce Belly Fat

5 yoga poses for belly fat
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Belly fat is a much-concerned topic of today. Everyone in today’s world wants to have a great figure yet dating is really difficult for people. So is there no solution? Well, there is a solution and it’s absolutely worth it. There are plenty of yoga poses that can reduce your belly fat and make it absolutely flat but one thing that matters the most is that you have to be absolutely consistent with it. Consistency is the key to success and all those poses that are listed here today are also a part of Yoga school in Rishikesh and it is practiced by all the experts.

But apart from practicing these poses one surely needs to control the diet to some extent. Yes, without diet and food habit controlling nothing can be achieved. It is not required to follow some very difficult or strict diet but to some extend, food habits have to be controlled. All these asana or poses are really very simple and the most basic ones to begin with. You can practice any day and what I recommend is that try and do it in the morning because it is best done on empty stomach.  After this, a glass of warm lemon alter has to be the best effect. Thus following these will surely help you.


Dhanurasana/ Bow Pose

Dhanurasana: Bow Pose

The pose looks absolutely like a bow and you have to attain that. Yes, with your body you need to attain a shape of a bow. This pose directly affects the belly and shapes your body. Also, this yoga pose has a direct effect on your limbs and the back. The pose might be difficult in the beginning but with practice, strength will come. This yoga poses for belly fat helps to develop the abs in your body. The bow pose will become an absolute bow with consistency practice and when the bow-shaped is fully achieved it will be most accurate. The pose must be carried on with a controlled diet because besides a good did it will not be helpful. If you want to get an effective result, then definitely follow a diet.

How to do it-

·        Lie straight down on your body your face and tummy facing the ground.

·        Bend your knees.

·        Try to touch your feet’s with your hands.

·        Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and gradually go to 90.

·        Release the pose and exhale and keep breathing slowly.

·        The shape will be an absolute bow.

These are the ways you can achieve a wonderful pose. Be a slow starter but definably an effective one. Don’t get dishearten and leave the practice in between because things may take time but surely will be effective.


Naukasana/ Boat Pose

Naukasana: Boat Pose

This yoga pose directly affects belly fat and puts pressure on it. The shape will come like a “V” and the hope has to like a boat. This yoga poses apart from reducing belly fat affects your knees and the back. This also makes the arms very strong. The muscles of your tummy will be strong. The pose may not be that easy but can be performed right with the right amount of practice. One of the best poses or asana and can be performed by anyone. This pose has to be performed in the early morning followed by warm water with honey and lemon. The effect of this shall be visible after few days only if you practice and along with a controlled diet and food.

How to do it-

·        Here you should lie on the bottom and the face must be on the top towards the ceiling or sky.

·        Then keep the hands by your side and the left together on the ground.

·        Then hold the legs up high up and hold the legs with your hands.

·        Hold this pose for 60 seconds.

·        The pose has to be exactly forty-five-degree straight and the shape is absolute “V”.

This is one of the easiest poses and can be achieved in the beginning only but if you are facing difficulty keep trying. If you practice each day, then surely you can achieve the pose. All yoga pose or Asanas might take time but it will surely happen one day. So trusts yourself and keep trying.


Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasanaa/ One-Legged Downward-facing Dog Pose

Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasanaa

This pose makes the limbs and hands very strong and straight. This pose is also practiced by 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and this is one of the easiest poses which helps in the reduction of your belly fat. The pose is very simple and can be performed very easily. The pose also strengthens your abs and your hand muscles.  This pose has to be on hold for a minimum of 60 seconds and has to be able to straighten. You have to concentrate and keep a balance on your body. The one’s main aim is to develop balance in the body. This directly works on the abs thus making it strong and hard.

How to do it-

·        Stand with your legs and hands together.

·        keep your hands forwards and one leg up.

·        The entire pose must be straight and tight.

·        Try and hold this pose for at least 60 seconds.

·        Repeat this pose for a minimum of 10 – 15 times a day to get effective results.

You may face some difficulty in the pose and often it happens that people fall. But keep on practicing and trying for balance you can take external help like from a wall or so but keep trying.


Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose


This pose will initially help you to work on your abdominals and their muscles giving a very relaxing effect to your back. Yes, your back will also get a lot of relief when you do this pose. You can [practice this asana in the evening also but try to be empty stomach. This asana helps build strength in the arms as well. Your stomach will be affected directly and the lower portions allow the reduction of the belly fat making it slim and positioned. The performing of the asana is not that difficult and will come after a few practice sessions. Also, the effect surely depends on how much fat you want to reduce and how much practice you do. All I can say is keep patience and surely you will get results.

How to do it-

·        Lie down straight with your tummy and face flat on the ground.

·        Keep your legs straight and pull the front portion of your body.

·        The full support of the body must be on the palms.

·        The body should be up just until the waist.

·        Hold the pose for 60 seconds and slowly release it.

·        Exhale as you realize the pose and rest for 30 seconds in the lying position.

Very slowly release the pose and be attentive while you are realizing it. Often at the time of release people suffer a tremendous back accident.


Kumbhakasana / The plank


This is one of the most loved poses and simple poses and has a very fast effect. This makes your hands and the legs pretty strong and checks the abdominal muscles as well. This helps a lot in burning the belly fat and makes the belly look slim and toned. This has to performed on an empty stomach and reduced the muscles pretty fast.

How to do it-

·        Lie on your face.

·        Support your entire body on your hands and take your body up.

·        The body must be basically on your hands.

·        The body has to be perfectly straight and tight.

·        Try and hold this pose for a minimum of 60 seconds. Keep the toes pointed and try and balance them.

·        Try and extend the time with each passing day.

This pose has to be slowly relieved very slowly because during the time of release often it is seen that accidents took place. Also, keep on breathing slowly and continuously while doing this pose.


These are the few Asanas or poses that one can practice in order to reduce belly fat and attain a flat tummy. Nothing in this world is perfect but we can try and achieve the best form of everything. Thus the only key here is to be consistent and not skip even a day. If someday you do not have much time or mood to do a heavy practice, then a light practice can also be an option. Maybe a run or a walk. But some form of exercise and workout is an absolute.

 The question is that why these poses are better than gyms, well to answer that these poses can be done by anyone anyway and that too without any external help. Next, there is zero money investment to do these poses or Asanas. Thus these can be done very easily and whatever you are wanting can be achieved. It will not happen in a day’s time definitely it will take time but surely all these poses along with slight diet control are highly effective. We hope that you will get tones of the slim body pretty soon and this article served you well.

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