5 Important Personal Grooming Tips

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Personal or self-grooming is essential for all, women as well as men it is a necessary part of your daily life. Personal grooming shows others that you love yourself, care about your look, and your appearance. A well-groomed individual always stands out in the crowd. Where grooming is something that everyone should spend time doing every day also regular grooming will keep you healthy and feeling more happy and self-confident. Once you make it a routine in your life, it will become like second nature to you. You’ll accomplish grooming tasks quickly and easily each day without even hustling about them.

The following are a few important personal grooming tips to be followed on a daily basis that makes you look beautiful as well as confident.

Face care:

You should wash your face twice per day:  

Face care is the most important part of personal grooming which should never be ignored. In the morning, a gentle wash with water is fine for most skin types. During the evening try to use a mild, gentle cleanser and lukewarm water to wash your face. Always pat your face with a clean soft towel and avoid rubbing it hard against your skin, it may irritate your skin. 

If your skin is acne-prone, consider washing it with a face wash that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that fights with acne-causing bacteria.

Every night before going to bed, remember removing your makeup, if you have applied in the day.

Take care of your eyes by gently dabbing at the inner corners of the eyes with a dampened washcloth to remove debris if there is any.

Get rid of excess facial hair: 

Excess hair on the face looks unattractive and may make you feel under-confident; so it is better to get rid of them. From your eyebrows areas tweeze out extra hair growing out of your eyebrow line, especially in between your brows. If you need to shave your face, do it carefully. Always use shaving cream, or you also use some essential oils, which protects and lubricates your face.

Use a razor that is sharp and keep cleaning it in between to wash out debris that gets lodged between the blades. Always shave in the direction of your facial hair growth.

For those who don’t want to shave their face, but do have facial hairs; they can use other means like bleaching them or you can use epilators to remove unwanted hairs on your face or neck.

Clean your nose for a better breath: 

Have you ever been in the situation where you are talking to someone and then suddenly you felt itching on your nose and after picking it or scratching it you felt embarrassed in front of other peoples?  Isn’t it better if you clean it before you leave the house? Before leaving, check to make sure your nasal passages are clean and clear. After taking a shower always remember to blow your nose. As warm water of the shower will loosen any fluid or mucus that might be trapped in your sinuses, hence making post-shower the ideal time to flush them out.

You can also saline solution to flush out your sinuses if you’ve recently been ill or if you have allergies, do it using a neti pot.

Avoid picking your nose in the public.

Skin Care:

Shower every day:

According to many experts, it’s fine to shower every other day, but in other cases, like if you’ve been sweating or if you have body odor, you must shower at least once daily using a mild, gentle soap. Avoid harsh soaps, which can damage or strip your skin of moisture. Personal grooming enhances your personality and gives a positive impression of yourself.

Be sure to scrub in all of the crevices, where the skin has many folds, usually, these are the areas that get dark patches and chances of trapping more bacteria – areas like behind the knees, between your toes, under your arms, and so on.

Hot bath and shower do bad effects on your skin, it may make your skin dry, can strip off natural oils or moisturizer from your skin, or can burn your skin or healthy cells so, avoid hot showers and baths – warm water is suitable for a bath instead.

Apply moisturizer on your body:

You can use a milk-based face cleanser, it has nourishing properties. After cleansing, make it a habit of moisturizing your face. Use a sunscreen moisturizer that contains at least SPF15 sunscreen to protect your skin from any sun damage. Moisturizer for all skin types like oily, dry, or combination skin is available in the market, choose one that matches your skin type.

After each shower, applying lotion to your whole body is a must to avoid dry or cracked skin. Especially on knees and elbows, these are too dry areas as compared to other areas.

Apply moisturizer to your hands: 

Hands are the most exposed area after your face, taking care of them is equally important. You often wash your hand’s minimum 8 to 10 times a day, like before and after eating, after cleaning the desk, or after touching certain things. This makes your hands dry; to prevent your hands from getting dry, apply a moisturizer regularly, after every time you wash them.

Oral care:

Brush your teeth twice a day:

Oral hygiene is also a necessary daily routine, if your breath is fresh you feel more confident. Use Flouride toothpaste. Squeeze out paste about a pea size; wet your brush before putting the paste on it. Gently brush each tooth in a circular motion, not too harshly, taking care to clean the front, back, and sides of every tooth. Also brush your tongue with your toothbrush’s backside to remove any buildup on it, which causes bad breath.

After brushing your teeth gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash. Make sure you swish it all around in your mouth, including between your teeth.

Get a new toothbrush every three to four months or whenever if the bristles of your toothbrush start to fray and bend.

Floss at least once a day:

For complete mouth care, include flossing once every day. Use around an 18-inch piece of floss. Using your fingers wrap it around them, and leaving 1 to 2 inches of the strand. Then gently push the strand between every tooth, sliding the floss up and down. Wrap the floss around the base of each tooth to remove left out debris.

Hair and Nail Care:

Wash your hair regularly not necessarily daily:

Try to wash your hair at least every two to three days. Take time out to massage your roots and scalp with oil from time to time. You can also oil your hair half an hour before hair wash. While washing your hair, rinse thoroughly, and after that apply conditioner. Use a comb to evenly distribute it to all of your hair. Then again rinse well. According to your hair type, you can use shampoos as if you are having dandruff, consider using a dandruff shampoo to manage it.

Hair Style:

Brush and style your hair nicely every day. Not only on occasions but when you are staying at home also, you should comb your hair daily, if you have long hair and if it’s difficult for you to comb many times in a day, you can make bread and another hairstyle. Style your hair the way you would like to.

Trim your nails regularly:

Nails get dirty easily and it takes time when we clean them. Try to keep your nails short, neat, and clean. Use nail clippers to trim them – if you have a habit of biting your nails please don’t do that. Trim them first straight, then file the edges. Avoid picking at hangnails and your cuticles. Instead, gently clip hangnails off with nail clippers that have been sterilized with rubbing alcohol.

If you like to keep your nails long then scrub under your fingernails every day. You can use soap, shampoo, warm water, and an old toothbrush for the best results.

Smell Good

Simply use an over-the-counter antiperspirant or deodorant:

Make your underarms smell good every day. After showering and wiping your body up with a towel, don’t forget to apply an antiperspirant or deodorant underneath both arms. This will keep your sweating under control, as well as manage any body odor you might have. If you’d like to use natural products with fewer chemical additives, check out local stores nearby.

Use mouth freshener:

Fresh breath is as important as a fresh look. You can use mint mouth freshener or some other mouth freshener for a refreshing feeling; it will also boost your confidence to speak in front of others who are close to you.

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