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Before getting a potential partner people generally look for some qualities in them. Everyone is having different views in regards to a strong relationship. Some may be typical about intelligence and chemistry; some may be in need of an honest one. There are perceptual differences in regard to their potential partner. Studies have shown that there are two main characteristics people look for or consider as foundation of strong relationship i.e., self-control and conscientiousness. According to Dr. R.K. Suri, Clinical Psychologist, and Relationship Counsellor, a strong relationship requires care and understanding for each other.

Researches have said that personality traits like honesty and humor are the two things that attract people very easily. People also search for these traits because they help in resolving conflicts and helps in making a strong relationship. They also help people attract the right person for you. Not only this but there is a list of some more personality traits which are necessary for building a strong relationship. They are:

Emotional stability:

People who are emotionally unstable or moody and irritable do not have a good relationship with their partners. Emotional instability leads to conflicts in your relationship with your spouse. When both the partners are emotionally stable, they tend to resolve all kinds of problems and conflicts in their relations. They tend to have better communication and hence a better understanding of each other.

Kindness and positivity:

Researches have indicated a link between positivity and attractiveness. People who are positive and kind are found to be more attractive than people who are negative in their personalities. Positivity is important everywhere, so in relationships as well. It is normally seen that people who are kind to themselves and to others are found to have a good relationship with their partners. They are also considered more thoughtful people.

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People who are patient in their nature are found to be more interesting and appealing to others. They can handle things very efficiently. When you are single, you can things according to you but when you are in a relationship you have to consider another partner as well. In such a case, if one of the partners is patient things can be managed easily. It’s always better to handle things with patience and if one of them is patient in case of conflict there are chances that things will get resolved in a better manner.


Loyalty is one of the main characteristics of any relationship. If you both are loyal to each other there will be transparency and it will make the relationship strong. Loyalty brings dedication, faithfulness, and trust in a relationship. It brings courage to stand with each other in both good and bad times.


It’s important to be a self-aware person. If you are self-aware of your nature and the things around you, you are able to talk about your drawbacks and frustrations in a more positive and healthy way, with your partner. And with this, it will be easier for you to talk about the changes and have a more successful love life.

If you want to be in good relations, then you should possess the qualities you seek. It is frustrating to be with a partner who is negative all the time regarding everything. Therefore you should start seeing the positive sides of things. If you find yourself to be in want of love than you can be a good partner.

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