5 Benefits of Quitting Social Media Addiction

social media addiction
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Although social media is becoming an important part of your life it is responsible for many negative impacts also on your life. How? You spend a lot of time scrolling through the feeds, which is nothing but time killing. You don’t even realize how many hours you are just scrolling through the feeds. If you are feeling isolated and inadequate in your life you start spending a lot of time on social media. And when you are spending a lot of time on your phones, life without a phone seems impossible. You don’t need friends or family to spend your time with. You are happy with your phone. This is nothing but an addiction.

Addiction to social media is dangerous for your mental health and decision-making process. There is also a documentary on Netflix on this naming The Social Dilemma. It has shown your relationship with social media, featuring the interviews with the technology experts who have worked anywhere between Facebook and youtube. They were clear about the negative impact it was having on human beings and humanity.

Quitting social media addiction is very important. Researchers have shown that with the increased use of social media people become unable to make good decisions in some high-risk situations.

Addiction of any kind is harmful. So it is important that you know how much time you are spending on social media. If your screen time is more than recommended it’s time for you to take this seriously.

Benefits of quitting social media addiction.

More work and faster work

When you are only focused on one thing at a time, you are able to get more work done in a short span of time. Your overall productivity will be increased. The one thing about social media is that it constantly interrupts you. When you keep on checking social media in between your office work, you are doing multitasking. But this multitasking is interrupting and decreasing your productivity. The works will take a longer time and they will be done in an inferior way. Researchers have found that when you are involved in the phone; your time is decreased by 40 %.

 You will have creativity at its peak

You may get stuck in the middle of creative work or a creative block if you are trapped in two to three things at the same time. Excessive use of social media hinders your imaginative mind and it is recommended for you to take breaks in the middle of your work other than social media. When you give up on social media completely, you may get rid of the nagging notifications and may flourish your creativity at its fullest.

Feeling of anxiousness

While the long term effects of quitting social media are very positive, there are some short term negative side effects also. One of them is being anxious and stressed for not using social media. When you are addicted to something, leaving it is quite difficult. But the best part is these feelings do not persist for a longer period of time and soon you will be able to enjoy the positive effects of it.

Feeling less stressed

Social media is easily accessible anywhere and everywhere, you are sometimes compelled to pay attention to it 24/7. There is a continuous thread in mind to take a look at the notifications, newsfeeds, and timeline as to what all is going on in the world. This can increase the stress hormone in the human being. Staying away from social media makes you away from all this kind of stress.

Increase sleeping time

Before going to bed almost all of you use your Instagram or Facebook account to check notifications or the timeline and the newsfeed. This is a time-consuming activity. Spending a lot of time may hinder your sleep pattern and you may be getting less amount of good quality sleep. When you quit social media, you are able to get a good quality sleep because now your mind is distracted from social media.

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