Social distancing
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Who would have thought that one day we won’t be able to stand close to our loved ones? Stepping away from people because of the fear of getting sick will ruin our daily dose of happiness. Humans are social animals, party animals because we are developmentally wired for closeness to one another. But, these new restrictions of social distancing or remaining 6 feet apart are essential, yet may not be natural. 

In the era of technology and busy life, it is really hard for someone to isolate themselves for months from the world or yet their own family. This might create a lot of anxiety, distorted thought processes, irritability and loss of interest in pleasurable activities because the prospect of prolonged social isolation is uncharted territory for many of us.

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Following are  ways for you to overcome them –

Stay connected

Try calling your friends, family, and relatives to check on them. You can also call an old friend with whom you lost touch over time. Stay connected with your friends and family virtually. This way you are maintaining social distancing as well as you are connected with your loved ones.

“Me” time

Focus on Yourself. Not just physical health but mental health is important too. Your thoughts & feelings and emotions do affect you and so you should embrace it and be aware of them. Spending time with yourself gives you an opportunity to clear your mind and thoughts. You feel happy and fresh after cherishing your relationship with yourself.

Find something new

A new hobby, maybe something you never did because you never had the time. Try to explore new options other than sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Social distancing is giving you a chance to explore something new.

Spread awareness

New investigations are coming out regularly related to the virus and you can investigate it, you can likewise spread awareness for the equivalent and take a stab at lessening the myths surrounding the situation.

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By trying to realize and accept the situations around us could help one get a lucid understanding. Thinking about social distancing will give you anxiety and stress. So don’t think about it but accept social distancing as it is need of the hour.

Breathing exercise

Staying at home can make you stressed and anxious. Make a routine of doing breathing exercises for 5 mins daily. Breathing techniques help you in staying calm and relax in these gloomy days. It also helps in blood circulation and prevents collapsing.

Be kind

Everyone is fighting their own wars so we should try to be humble to the people around us even in the worst scenarios. Be kind to people, spread love and you will find yourself happy and healthy.

Share something good

Posting on social media is a great way of spreading positivity; maybe a meme or a funny joke might lighten up someone’s mood.

Manage your news intake

The whole world is facing a lot right now, but we can definitely control the amount of negativity and information that we attend to. Watch important news or headlines.

Be productive

Do something constructive, get up, and work. Finish the book you started but didn’t get time to finish, or a course that you always wanted to do. 

Clean out

Just like creating some space in your mind might help you with a better understanding similarly decluttering your house can send you positive energies. You might even find something that you lost a long time ago. Once or twice a week take up any area of your home to clean or arrange. Believe me, you will feel good.

Goal Setting

Research shows that writing down goals increases the chances of you achieving them by 42% so why not give it a try and plan your future.

Volunteer online

Help a stranger through rough times or you can also donate to a non-profit organization, social distancing doesn’t have to prevent us from making a difference for those who need it the most. 

Skills 101

Now you can learn on your own schedule and boost your resume by enhancing the skills you already had or gaining some new ones.

Watch a documentary

Watch something that you find interesting which you might want to share with your family and friends, it can help you be creative and bond with your family thus creating positive vibes. 

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