15 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners in 2021

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An internet or intranet website development is termed web development. It can vary from one simple static page to compound web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. Hence, it comprises a wide range assortment. If you are a beginner and desperate to learn web development courses from scratch, then you are at the right place. Several courses are presented here for you. You can opt for a few or all from them and polish yourself. Look at the below points for further acknowledgment:

Introduction to HTML

The hypertext markup language is commonly known as HTML. It generates hypertext documents with a simple markup system. These documents are transferable from one platform to another. It is a truly simple language, which is produced with elements. A distinct interpretation of documents results when a small text piece is applied to it. This basic language proves advantageous to you in excess, and you can learn it easily.

CSS Introduction

The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is another course of web development.  This language is responsible for web page presentation description. The colors, layout, and texts are included in a web page, which makes a presentable look to your web pages. You can use it to generate style sheets for your website. Select this course if you want an attractive website of yours.

Learn Coding with JavaScript (JS)

JavaScript is one of the massive programming languages, which influenced many other programming languages. Dissimilar to HTML and CSS, JavaScript presents a full scripting language. The responsive buttons, pop-ups, and alert boxes of a website are coded with JavaScript. It controls the dynamic interaction of web pages. As a beginner, you must learn its coding, which is simple and easy.

Web Hosting

You require a physical place for selling your products, services, or business. Likewise, space is also vital for an online web page. A series of files, images, HTML code, and various other factors are included on an online web page. These all carry space and need a place to survive. 

Therefore, hosting has the same purpose as a business’s physical place. Without it, website files may dump on your computer, and no one sees it online. Hence, learning to host is another important factor of web development.


jQuery is a JavaScript library. It is fast, lightweight, and feature-rich programming. This works on the “write less and do more” principle. jQuery simply takes you 2 to 4 hours in learning. The parts or elements of an HTML page are opted by jQuery using CSS style selectors. If you want a differential and convenient web development course, then go for this one.


It is a content management system (CMS). WordPress provides easy access to its users. As a beginner, you can learn it conveniently. You can host and generate websites on this platform. The plugin architecture and a template system indulge in it. You can customize any website of your choice with it. It is a one-stop solution for businesses, blogs, portfolios, or online stores.

Introduction to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a free and open-source framework, which assists you to generate websites and web applications. It is the popular framework of HTML, CSS, and JS. You can conveniently progress responsive, mobile-primary projects on the website. Hence, it is easy to learn and understand.

Know about Learning web development

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

It is a beginner-friendly language. However, you will get the room for learning new things. It consists of a built-in function and a huge library that makes every task easy. PHP facilitates a server-side scripting language. Dynamic web pages are generated by using it, which can cooperate with databases. As a beginner, it is the best option for learning web development.


It is considered language programming for beginners. The reason is its similarity with English. The developers and beginners find it easy to memorize the Python syntaxes than any other language. For creating server-side web applications, Python is used. Python with JavaScript is most likable by many web developers.

Know about what is python language and where is use

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For businesses, MySQL is a popular platform. It is easy to learn. It works well while using PHP. MySQL is based on a database management system. WordPress uses this system to store and retrieve almost all of your blog information about the blog. It functions as a server. Multiple users are allowed by it to produce numerous databases. 

Flexbox Introduction

It is the third version of CSS and is also a unit of it. Flexbox is a one-time unidirectional layout component for your website. These elements are row or column ordered. When these are ordered to set flex display, then it is ordered and displayed at the desired position. Hence, it is another course which beginners can learn easily.

 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

These programs are constructed to make programming languages available to allow developers in generating complex functionality in an easy method. More complex codes are kept distant from you by abstract APIs. You contributed to using some easy-to-understand syntax for use. It is also a beginner-friendly language.


If you want to get started your career in the tech industry and you are a beginner, then it is an easier program for you. The non-blocking, event-driven servers to their single server nature are principally utilized. You can use it for traditional websites. It works well with API and has real-time designs.


It facilitates beginners in developing a web page. For web applications, it is the best framework. It assists developers in making faster development modules. You can generate applications and websites by using these modules.


It is used for the web’s primary data store or warehouse, mobile geospatial, and applications for analytics. You can conveniently learn it. Many courses in web development are available online at discounted rates. You can avail of discounted offers at Educative.io and enjoy basic learning.

Eventually, the courses for web development are elaborated here. If you are a beginner, go through these fifteen courses, you will find suitable courses here. Therefore, go through it all and start your career path.

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