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Guidelines for Guest Post
Content Requirement

1. We only accept the content that is self-researched and genuine. “The Psychowellness” has a  zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism . If your content contains information from any other sources, you must provide a reference in your article.

2. Article length should be  800 words  or above.

3. Only guest posts related to our niche will be accepted.

4. Only  1 do-follow  link is acceptable per article. If the article length is  above 1000 words, 2 links  are allowed.

Image Requirement

1. At least one image must be submitted with a guest post.

2. Images must be  copyright free .

3. Articles without images will not be published.

4. Image size must be  800×445 px .

Approval Process

1. It may take between  3 and 7 days  to publish an article as we get many requests.

2. In case you need to follow-up, please send an email to 

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